Recover From From Forgetting an Anniversary

Published Date 8/16/2013
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How to recover from forgetting an anniversary

Guys - whether you've only been married for a handful of years or it's been decades, your better half likely holds you accountable for remembering your wedding anniversary. However, don't be surprised if you let this date slip through the cracks in between family and career responsibilities.

When your wife finds out you've forgotten that all-too-important date, there are a few tactics you can use to make it up to her. For instance, recommends taking her out and treating her special (in addition to begging for forgiveness).

Another way to show that you're sorry is to prove yourself through your actions. This may take time, but remembering everything from birthdays to anniversaries in the future can show that you're serious about redeeming yourself.

After this incident, Hitched magazine states that it's important to make a reminder for the future. Set up an alert on your electronic devices or computer to be sure you never find yourself in a tight spot again next year.

If your efforts to make up fall flat, contact a psychic line. Love psychic can give you insight into what your wife really wants and how to get her to accept your apology.


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