Raising Your Personal Vibration - Part 1: Improving Your Romantic Relationship by Psychic Arabella

Published Date 9/7/2016
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Is laughter really the best medicine?

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Welcome to Part One of a Four-Part Series on Raising Your Personal Vibration by Psychic Source's own Advisor, Arabella.

You may have heard references to your personal vibration before, but what exactly does that mean? In simplest terms, your personal vibration is the intensity of energy within your body. It is made up of all of your life experiences including influences from events and people as well as your overall health including mental and emotional well-being. Everyone possesses the ability to raise their vibration, and doing so will cause you to feel happier and more in tune with everything and everyone around you. 

In part one of my series, I will explain how you can improve your romantic relationship by raising your vibration.

It’s All in the Eyes
The easiest way that you and your partner can raise your vibration is to make eye contact. How often do you speak to your partner and rather than seeing them looking back at you, they are staring at a TV, computer or cell phone screen? Most of us are guilty of this from time to time. These days it is pretty common to speak to one person in the same room with you while they are communicating with someone elsewhere on one of their devices. Taking time to focus on your partner and gaze into their eyes will make your vibration soar. In fact, it will soar for both you are your partner. Look with the intention to see the good in your partner and you will begin to feel physically lighter. This is your personal vibration rising. When you feel in tune with one another and focus on one another, you will also feel more loved and cared for.

What’s So Funny?
Think back to some of the best times that you have ever had with your partner. I'm betting that many of them include laughter. Laughter can cause your personal vibration to soar in just moments. Laughing with your partner will cause your personal vibrations to resonate more closely with each other. This allows room for your romance to grow. You become more open with one another and more trusting as you see the lighter side of each other. So often people focus on the sexual aspects of their relationship when trying to improve it, but it is the everyday things such as laughter that can bring you together in a deeper way than you would ever imagine. Give it a try. If you make a conscious effort to enjoy watching your partner laugh, you will see a more vulnerable side of them that is very attractive.

Let’s Talk About Sex
We have discussed giving your partner attention through eye contact and enjoying everyday moments through laughter. These are the types of ways that you can raise your vibration together which will ease the transition into becoming more sexually in sync. For many different reasons, lots of us tend to freeze up when it is time to be intimate with our partner. Raising your vibration in those beginning sexual moments can help both of you relax, become more in tune with one another, and truly appreciate and enjoy your intimacy. To do this, breathe in unison. Simply allow your breath to become one with your partner's breath. You will both feel at ease with one another and the once awkward moments will decline more each time you are intimate.

Coming up in my 4-part series you will also learn how raising your personal vibration will help you to balance your emotions in different situations, to help you improve performance and colleague relations in the workplace, and to prepare yourself for amazing psychic readings. Raising your personal vibration is so beneficial to your overall health and well-being. Once you begin practicing, you will not want to stop.

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