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Pleasure and Sexual Healing Podcast by Psychic Spring

Date 2/7/2022
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Let your journey towards sexual healing begin! In this podcast Psychic Spring will help you assess your sexual needs and wants to enrich your love life.

No, it’s not in your head. Yes, something is off. How seriously have you been taking your sexual healing? Have you been feeling a decreased libido? Are you disconnected from your sexual desires? Has sexual intimacy been on the decline in your partnerships? If the answer is yes, let’s first start by stating, you are not alone. Many women and men suffer from undiagnosed sexual dysfunctions that negatively impact their relationships. The good news is, what you are experiencing is a natural part of the human experience. 

Embarking on your sexual healing journey begins with a deep personal assessment. By the end of this journey, you will assess your current sexual drive, sexual desires, and sexual intimacy levels. Once you become clear on where you are, you can begin to create your sexual pleasure healing plan. We’ll briefly introduce various techniques that will reignite your sexual drive immediately.

How is Your Sexual Drive?

When you encounter the word, “sexual drive” what immediate thoughts or images come to mind? Do you envision a speeding red race car, or perhaps a smoking hot version of yourself appears? The first part of your sexual healing is acknowledging where you are on the sexual scale. This scale is a personal one and shares no comparison with anyone else because the things that turn you on in life are very personal. Our mission is to reconnect you back to your innermost point of passion. 

Imagine this was a complimentary visit with a sex therapy specialist who asked you, “On a scale from 1- 10, how would you gauge your current sex drive? 10 = incredibly satisfying, and 1= I’d rather do chores.”

How would you respond to this question? Record this number. If you’re not feeling the most confident about where you currently rate on the sexual drive scale, remember this is a journey of beautiful sexual healing and deep unfolding. Repeat this check-in once a month and make note of any changes.

List Your Desires

To begin understanding how to enhance your sex drive, think about what excites and drives you in life. What are your outward and innermost desires?

Creating 2 columns, make a list of those outward desires. The ones you speak about to your loved ones, such as starting that business you’ve always had.  

Under the 2nd column list those innermost desires that feel too silly to speak aloud. Each desire matters!

Once you’ve notated your list of desires, review them.

Circle the ones that feel practical for you to begin doing in your life today. Be realistic. For example, if you have a secret desire to make music, research software and equipment to help you record your music. This can be a personal project and does not need to be shared with anyone unless you so wish. For an outward desire, returning to our business example, begin drafting a tangible plan to outline your project’s launch. Name your business and chose a launch date for a little added pressure. 

Remember to have fun during the creation process of any desire. The more you practice creating, the more you reconnect with the divine properties of sexual intimacy and sexual desire. 

Healing Journal Prompt Questions - Sexual Drive 

In a private journal, consider the following questions and record your responses. These questions will help with doing the shadow work that is needed for successful sexual healing. 

  1. What are my personal views of sex?
  2. Who or what do I consider to be the biggest influence over my view of sex?
  3. What were my first few sexual encounters like? Were they pleasurable? 
  4. Do my current sexual experiences differ from my first encounters? If so, is it in a positive or negative manner?
  5. How would I like to enhance my current sexual relationships?

Reclaiming Your Sexual Power

This has a lot to do with the way you feel, especially if you grapple with the aftereffects of sexual trauma, or struggle with the way you feel about how you look. This is the age-old battle of self-love. No matter your age, shape, size, complexion, weight, fashion sense, or hair texture, you more than likely have physical insecurities. While this may not apply to everyone, if it does apply to you, know the only beauty standard that applies is developing an unconditional love for yourself through acts of self-appreciation. Your goal in practicing self-care is to begin to see yourself through the eyes of your Creator. Once you do, you’ll immediately begin raising your sexual power and overall attractiveness to others. 

What Are Your Sexual Desires?

Similar to your earlier list of personal desires, let’s now focus on sexual desires. When exploring what turns you on, be practical. For example, if your celebrity crush is Idris Elba, do not limit your desires to someone who may not be attainable for you. Another example of this would be lusting after the neighbor’s spouse. Instead, describe which features from this person you find most attractive and list them out.


Write a brief passionate novel about you and your ideal mate. Be as descriptive as you’d like. If you are already in a relationship, you can choose to use your partner as the center of focus. Once complete, destroy your story or save it.

Using your imagination, determine what your sexual desires are. Do not limit yourself. Take at least 30 minutes to draft your short story of passion. Set a mood with candles or incense, pour up your favorite beverage, slip into something comfortable, and begin writing.

Once you’ve completed your story, take mental notes of the ways you would like to experience pleasure. Express some of these desires to your partner if they are open to trying.

If not, which sexual desires are you able to fulfill without your partner? Set personal goals for yourself for accountability. Remember, your sexual healing is no one else’s responsibility but your own.

Achieving Sexual Healing Through Sexual Intimacy

You’ve done incredible work so far, but let’s not stop when things are just getting good. It is key to now understand how to tap into sexual intimacy. A crucial part to your pleasure and sexual healing journey is developing your intimacy muscle.  This begins with creating intimate exchanges with yourselves before you can initiate healthy boundaries within your relationships with others.

If you are serious about taking your healing to the next level, chose at least 3 of the below methods. Conduct further research and begin implementing these techniques to take accountability for your pleasure and sexual healing.

Healing techniques –

  1. Yoni eggs. Yoni is the ancient Sanskrit word meaning sacred womb or source. Working with these crystal eggs, which come in various sizes and crystal types, aids with healing the Root & Sacral chakra, emotional body, as well as enhancing sexual pleasure. Try to purchase from certified retailers and check their buyer reviews.
  2. Heal the Sacral chakra. Eat orange-colored foods such as peppers, carrots, salmon, oranges, and even wear orange. Hydrate plenty with water, dance and during meditation chant “Vam”.
  3. Therapy. It’s important to talk it out. If you can, work with professionals to connect to your childhood to face any traumas that you may be neglecting.
  4. Tantra, not to be confused with Kama Sutra. Explore this ancient art’s techniques with your partner or alone as tantra has plenty of single-person techniques.
  5. Reiki, meaning Universal life force energy, helps channel and realign energy blocks and imbalances, especially those surrounding emotional trauma. While there are simple techniques you can try on your own, locate and invest in a certified Reiki Master practitioner for best results.
  6. Honesty. Always be honest with yourself and partner/s. Do not feel shame and remember to keep an open mind to their needs as well.

This has been an amazing healing journey and you’ve only just begun. Pleasure is what you define it to be. Discovering your sexual drive, unveiling your sexual desires, and reinstating sexual intimacy are all keys to the door of your true sexual healing.



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Spring is a Shadow-Work Shaman, Intuitive-empath, and Certified Reiki Master. She has been a practitioner of the ancient art of Divination and Reiki since 2018.  She loves traveling to historical sites where she likes to aimlessly wander, indulge in a delicious meal paired with the best glass of malbec. For fun, Spring loves reading, daydreaming, and watching fantasy movies. 


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