Perfectionism: How to Let Go and Stop Stressing

Published Date 8/28/2014
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Perfectionism can drive you crazy.

Being a perfectionist is an exercise in self-defeat, because you'll never attain that level. No one in the world is perfect, and your attempts to do everything flawlessly make you entirely too stressed. You should always do your best and try to excel at whatever you're doing, but leave the perfectionism to the characters in bad books and movies.

Accept Your Limitations

You can't hear it too many times: nobody is perfect. Trying to achieve perfection will drive you mad. You know what it's like to redo tasks over and over, or to take on too many tasks and work yourself to death to excel at all of them. Your drive and ambition are admirable and your work ethic is incomparable, but you have to think about your sanity as well.

You have limitations, and that's okay. You can cruise the speed limit and still impress everyone. Do so and you'll experience far less stress. Try to vent your frustrations and discuss the driving forces behind your perfectionist goals. Consider a live psychic chat to explore your motivations, and even find some relief.

Give Yourself Time Limits

Speaking of doing things over and over, you have to stop. Not only does that waste a lot of time, but it does so unnecessarily because you probably did it wonderfully the first time. It's one thing to correct a mistake, and quite another to do things over several times in a quest for perfection.

You also get more stressed when you waste that much time, especially if you're on a deadline. Set aside a specific amount of time to do a given task—and don't go over that limit. Make time to look over it with fresh eyes later, but set a limit for that as well. If everything checks out, consider yourself done.

Ask Others for Help

Perfectionist tasks can occur at the office, at home, or in any group project. Up to this point, your perfectionism has probably barred you from asking for help, right? There's no need for that. Others are just as capable as you, and if you're part of the same team, they deserve a chance to shine.

At work, delegate tasks to your coworkers, especially if you're trying to multitask. Ask your spouse to do the laundry or cook dinner at home, and put the kids in charge of cleaning their rooms or walking the dog. In group settings, let others use their skills. You're not shouldering the world alone, so don't insist on accepting the responsibility.

Exercise Your Willpower

Quitting anything requires strength and willpower. You'll need yours to stop chasing perfection. Start slow, such as with setting limits and asking for help. As you continue to release your rigid control, you don't have to purposely make mistakes. Just relax your grip.

Try to Relax

Relaxation is key, in fact. Live psychic advice comes in handy here as well, because your psychic can help you relax. In addition to giving you a place to vent and explore any worries or issues you have, your psychic can help you find your center. Being at peace and feeling less stress can further help you give up the ghost and accept that perfection is beyond you.


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