Past Lovers - Cutting the Cord by Psychic Radha

Date 9/26/2022
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In life we must experience the bitter with the sweet.

In life we must experience the bitter with the sweet.

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Quite often, we tend to trap energetic vibrations of past intimates into our root and sacral chakras which can block abundance, love, and joy to come into your life. Often, an individual will blame themselves for the loss of a relationship turning the events that led to its demise and trying to find the answer to what went wrong. 

Surrendering Control

Your mind may be searching for answers to the question of how could this ending have been avoided. You may feel that the outcome was in your control and you blew it. Or that if you could only find the answer, you could reverse the outcome and turn back time.

This is where surrendering to the Universe is so necessary. Trust that the Universe knows better than you what is good for you. You will start seeing that every pitfall or failure is in fact the Universe saying, no, not this person, no not this business venture. Keep moving—aaaand, there you go, that’s what we were guiding you to.  Does that make sense?

The Universe blocks what does not honor or serve you. If you insist on drinking a toxic drink, the Universe will teach you through the experience that, indeed, this was not for you. Sometimes we want something that does not align with our light, and so the Universe gives us what we need.
Quite often, these “negative” experiences give us the contrast. Within these contrasts, we learn, and we get to understand with more clarity what we want and what we don’t want. We must experience the bitter with the sweet. We must realize that these experiences, though painful, are what drove us to ask the right spiritual questions, which drove us to seek our healing, clarity, and empowerment. 

Stand with self-respect as you face the experiences that created you as you are today. 

End the Blame Game

Purge past lovers and psychic predators from your energetic field. End the self-blame game. Bring each person before you and look into their eyes, thank them for the experience and/or forgive them and forgive yourself, then release them back to the Universe. Do this one by one until every single person you were intimate with has been purged. If there is a beloved that you have currently in your life, invite them in. Close the mediation, feel the love shine, and you are done. 

If you are single and seeking a beloved. Make this statement: “I am cleared of all past lovers and predators, I release all regret, I am free and whole. I walk the path of healing myself because I love myself. Because I love myself, I am ready to share my love with my destined beloved. I (say your name here) call upon my beloved to share my life as lifetime companions. And so it is…”

Use a mantra to drown out the denigrating voice of the monkey mind castigating you for being a failure. Rewire the habit of self-loathing with more self-acceptance and dare I say it… Give yourself more self-love

Rewire your Thought Patterns

How you view the world and how you view yourself create your reality. Here are some suggestions for shifting the way you think and what you think about.
  • Chant
  • Take time for yourself to connect with nature
  • Use guided meditations that offer you unconditional self-love, an abundance mindset, living in the present, and so on. 
  • Trust your gut (honor your intuition) but be discerning. Are you being paranoid or is that your root and sacral chakra telling you something just isn’t right?

How can you navigate the dissonance?

By being still and feeling the emotions course through you. Take the one choice and be still. What does your body feel? Does your stomach feel nauseous; do you feel ill at ease? Now, take the second option. Do you feel light? Does your body feel calm?

That is how you can navigate the catacombs of confusion to get a clear reading of what you need to do. 

Never forget to ask your angels/guides/allies for guidance. Give them permission to help you. Without your green light, they cannot assist you the way they would like to. Trust your heart, trust yourself and leap into space with joy. 

All is well in your world if you believe. 

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