Overcome Shyness In Social Situations

Published Date 11/25/2013
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Overcome Shyness In Social Situations

You come to the threshold of a room filled with people, and you hesitate to enter because shyness inhibits your ability to make new friends or even carry on conversations with people you know.

You're not alone. Many people who were shy as children remain so as adults. But those who are shy by nature can still overcome their hesitancy to join social gatherings instead of turning on their heels and walking away.

First, admit you're shy to others. Often, shy people are mistakenly viewed as aloof or downright arrogant because they don't join in conversations. Instead, when there's an opportunity, admit that you were hesitant to come to the event because you're shy about meeting new people.

You'll be amazed at how sympathetic people will be. They'll see that when you don't make eye contact easily or don't contribute much to a conversation, it's because you're shy, not stuck up. People will relax around you because they understand the situation a little better.

Make The Effort

Take the Girl Scout motto, "Be prepared," to heart. In other words, meet people halfway by being ready to participate in a conversation. When you know you'll be attending a friend's dinner party or a business function that includes a meet-and-greet hour, have some opening topics in mind. If you can, learn beforehand about the people who will be attending.

Be well-informed about the top news stories of the day so you can talk comfortably about a current event or a person in the news. Even the weather, as trite as it sounds, is fodder for conversation because it affects everyone.

Have some topics ready that are geared to the group you're meeting with, such as business topics you can discuss with colleagues. If you're at a neighborhood function, share information about a community event or new exhibit at a nearby museum. Talking about a hobby or sport you're involved in may give you enough confidence to share it with others.

If you're still unsure about how to break through the shyness barrier, it may help to seek advice from an outside source. Check our psychic line to see what type of reading may give you the best guidance for your problem. Tarot readings, for instance, rely on intuitive messages as well as a special deck of cards with images that address all types of life situations. There's surely one that can help you overcome your shyness enough to have better communication with new acquaintances.


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