Overcome Relationship Boredom

Published Date 8/15/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

Helping your friend and her partner overcome relationship boredom

If your friend is finally in a stable, committed relationship for the first time in her life, she might come to you for advice, especially if you've been married for years. One common problem that all couples eventually face is boredom.

Once you discover all there is to know about your partner, you can quickly feel as if your relationship is growing stale. If you've been there before, there are a couple of tips you can offer your friend.

First, suggest more spontaneity. If your friend and her partner have become set in their daily routines, recommend taking a trip off the beaten path to spice up the situation.

Oprah.com reports that another way that any couple can add more excitement to their lives is by simply using the power of touch rather than talking. Small signs of affection with little or no words can strengthen individuals' bonds.

Suggest a love psychic reading to your friend if the situation doesn't improve. A psychic may be able to help her see the relationship from her partner's point of view, giving her insight into how to remedy the situation.

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