Numbers in Dreams and What They Mean

Published Date 6/13/2014
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Dreaming of numbers can mean many different things.

Seeing certain numbers in our dreams can mean different things. The following is a brief description of why you are dreaming about these numbers.


One stands for the individual. It can also represent new beginnings. If you dream about the number one, something new is starting in your life.


Two represents discord and contradictions. Dreaming of two means there's a conflict in your life. You're struggling with different ideas or choices, and you need to reach a decision.


Dreaming of the number three represents the union of the mind, body, and soul. It represents creation and the ability to make things happen. If you see the number three in your dreams, your plans and goals are coming together.


The number four suggests completeness. When you dream of the number four, it means your life is in balance. Also, you know your hard work and effort will pay off.


Five represents spontaneity and action. If you see a five in your dreams, this suggests that a change might occur in your life. You should prepare for new adventures and discoveries. A psychic chat can help you find out what these changes might be.


Dreaming of the number six often signifies love and marriage. To see a six means that there is an abundance of love and harmony in your home life. Seeing the number six may also mean that new love or new friendship will enter your life soon.


Seven is a powerful number that represents wisdom and understanding. If you see a seven, keep on your current path. Any negative situations you've been in are now over. You've been doing good work, and you're headed in the right direction.


The number eight represents success and wealth. When you dream of an eight, you're about to receive rewards for all the hard work you've done. It also means that your endeavors are coming to an end, and you're about to meet your goals.


When you dream of nine, you want to improve the world. Nine is a very productive and compassionate number. A nine implies that dreamers want to put their true skills to work to bring about positive change for those around them.


To see the number ten in a dream means you've met a goal and it's time for a new beginning. Ten corresponds with closure and fresh starts.


Since an eleven is written as two parallel lines, dreaming of an eleven represents equality and balance in partnerships. If you see eleven in your dreams, you may feel you're in a relationship with someone who always seems to know your needs.


Twelve represents constant conflict. If you dream of a twelve, you may feel you have a problem in your life that you can't solve.


Thirteen is a contradictory number. While some may fear it means bad luck, it represents end and beginning, right and wrong, and death and birth.

If you pay attention to your dreams, you may notice when these numbers appear. An online psychic reading can help you better understand the numbers in your dreams.


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