No, He Isn't Going to Leave His Wife - So What Do You Do Now?

Published Date 10/28/2015
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It's hard to know how to move on when the man you love won't leave his wife.

If you find yourself living as the other woman, you know you're in for some uncertainty and pain. Even if he professes his love for you, your married lover may refuse to leave his wife to start a new relationship with you. Here are some things to keep in mind if you're in this trying situation.

End it if You're Miserable

Though it's possible the man you love loves you just as much, he could also be using you. Regardless, if you're unhappy, there's no reason to stay in a miserable situation. Ask your man not to contact you again until he gets divorced. He may surprise you and get a divorce swiftly to keep you in his life. And if not, you know that nothing will change so you can finally move forward.

Remember Where You Get Your Information

Though it's often difficult to admit, you know your lover can lie. He's already lying to his wife and his family. It's possible that he's also lying to you, not just about his plans, but about possibly having another lover. You can consult with an online psychic to find out if there are lies in your relationship. Knowing the truth will help you choose a path that's good for you.

Honor New Relationships

When you ask him to leave his wife and he refuses, end the relationship. If he does get divorced, he'll likely come back to you. But if you're with someone else by this point, stay with them. Likewise, if you kindle a new love during the affair, don't feel bad leaving your first relationship for this new one. Your new love has more potential to nurture a meaningful commitment.

Consider How You Define Success

Even if the married man you're seeing does leave his family and wife for you today, that doesn't mean your relationship will stay successful. Studies have found that relationships that start off as affairs rarely survive in the long run. Know how your man is capable of acting. It's possible he'll do to you what he's doing to his current wife, no matter how much he says he loves either of you.

Don't Rush

If the tables suddenly turn and he does leave his wife for you, don't rush to marry him immediately. Spend some time together, perhaps even living together, to make sure he isn't carrying the baggage from his earlier relationship. A love tarot reading can give you insight into your lover's true feelings, whether you're still grappling with the decision to stay or go or you're in a new stage of the relationship. You might come to realize that the affair's passion came from the drama of scheming to be together, not true love.

Being the other woman can make you feel uncertain, and it can cause a lot of pain when the man you love won't establish a relationship with you. Make sure you put yourself first and consider your situation honestly when deciding how to move forward.


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Joeu88: Very balanced advice that devoid of any prejudices one way or the other. The main thing is to focus on and respect yourself and your own needs and aspirations. Not let anyone else be the cause of your pain

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