New Views on Cheating by Psychic Mackenzie

Published Date 8/19/2019
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There are many reasons people cheat on their partners.

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Different views on cheating do exist so sit tight. The following information isn't intended to spark controversy but to bring resolve to all parties involved in a situation involving cheating. Families and partners worldwide deserve to see, hear and most of all really “feel” the different views on cheating.

Talking About Cheating is a Sensitive Subject. 

Have you experienced a romantic, committed relationship that either a) begins to fall apart and your partner cheats on you, or b) you had no idea anything was wrong with your relationship, in fact, it felt honest and still your partner cheated on you?   Oh my goodness how it hurts. It's over-the-top emotional to be in a committed relationship when a partner strays. I've experienced it and seen it a gazillion times in others, it's a sensitive subject indeed but one that many face and deserve to have answers for.

What if it is YOU Who Strayed?  

Is there truly a reason to feel guilt or does a certain amount of guilt need to exist in order to perfect souls? I don't see a reason to harm or badger our own self with guilt for too long, just take the lessons learned and move on to a better perspective. Hopefully, your partner will be as loving to you as you are because though cheating is a deeply painful experience for the one cheated on it's even more painful if they feel to blame. 

Taking your own blame instead of blaming someone else is healthy and if I had a cheating partner, I would want them to blame themselves for the act of cheating, as it was a personal choice. It's a complicated conversation which deserves unraveling because so many of us experience the pain of infidelity, living with others who hide part of themselves or who lie.

Sadly a good deal of my own clients deal with extra-marital or partner-affairs, sometimes both parties are in second even third relationships at the same time. The different views on cheating exist because each situation is different.  Feeling guilt and finding ways to satisfy the soul and work through the heated cheating and lack of trust or distraught emotions afterward often leads to more fighting. That essentially cleanses the air around the situation making way for new energies to fulfill.

Feels Like Your World is Gone…

This idea to write this article actually began with a question from a loved one.  She came to me confused saying, "Mackenzie I don't know how she went back to Chris, he's a jerk, and now I've lost my best friend.  I'm not the one, I can't seem to work through this as she did with Chris, and now not only did I lose my best friend because she went back to him but now, I'm facing the same thing she did, and Gerald cheated on me. I'm shattered, hurt, and confused Mackenzie, how should I view cheating?  What should I do now to be happy again? It feels as if my world is gone.  Is it?" 

That was a lot to process, but to answer her and others who may feel similar, the first thing I noticed is when anyone says “their world is gone” they're in a serious state of confusion, almost critical, so I season my words with salt so they can be tender to the ear and the caller doesn't panic more. It's not easy getting over cheating. I virtually feel their hands trembling as they weep, bodies that can't walk, days with no food or too much food, days with no walking, talking just sitting staring, seemingly stuck.

Wishing to Maintain Your Relationship? 

Whether one who has cheated is gone or has stayed, the most important thing to understand about someone who cheats is to be a truly loving soul, despite your own pain, and to see ways to forgive and to “get them” so you can “remain a safe place” to them and to yourself. 

Remembering forgiveness is not as much for the person as it is for yourself. A person who cheats or steps outside of a partnership for whatever reason isn't unforgiveable, no one is perfect, and it's often a cry for help.  It's typically an act that happens for many very personal reasons and rarely if ever means they don't love their partner.

A forgiving approach to cheating is heart rewarding so others who share a different perspective on cheating can evaluate. It's okay to walk away from a relationship that has caused deep emotional damage too. You don't have to suffer a relationship for the sake of being forgiving either. The choice is certainly your own, as even the angels give us choice.

Are you having a hard time forgiving yourself or someone else who has cheated? Do you seek more understanding on this or any other relationship matter? If so, connect with one of our gifted love psychics today who want nothing more than to bring power to all of your life matters, including our heartfelt relationships that mean so much to each of us. 

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