Myths and Truths About Soul Mates by Psychic Miriam

Published Date 1/7/2015
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Only when you love yourself can you have a soul mate connection.

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Humanity has been lead to believe that finding our soul mate will cure all our ills and make us whole.

As an independent woman who still remembers the young version of myself, I know that falling in love is done as quickly as you fall out of love.  The youth of today is not the only one who believes the myth perpetrated on humanity by someone who knew very little about our spiritual reality. 

And since we know no better, we keep calling lust love. While both start with the letter L, they’re as far from each other as right and wrong.  This confusing stereotype has lead for many to seek to never find what they think they want or need.  Perhaps our greatest misconception is that finding our soul mate will bring us what we’re incapable of ourselves.

We, as individuals, are the one responsible person for our own wellbeing. 

Our mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing is a direct reflection of the person we are and the person we want to be.  Our stability should never be based on any outer experience, but rather we need to go within ourselves, find our inner strength, courage and power within our soul.

Then what is a soul mate? 
We are all soul mates to one another.  We’re here to learn from one another and love one another.  We are souls having a physical experience who have chosen each and every one of our experiences. And even more interesting is the fact that when we don’t like something, we have the power and free will to change the situation; not only for ourselves but for the entire world.  Now that’s powerful!
However, let’s go back to our soul mate searching and state that our souls are male and female; it’s true that we split into the two genders, which is why we long to find our other half.   But here’s the best part of all of this: When we first incarnated, we found our soul mate immediately and had a loving and tender relationship. 

So what happened?
In our confused state and rationality we’ve made finding our soul mate difficult when it shouldn’t be.  Again and again we come back to live another life and inevitably we dream of finding “the one”.  Yet seldom do the two parts come together for the sake of being who they truly are. 

Nothing good can come from a delusional mind. But what do we keep doing wrong?
If we keep thinking that someone else is responsible for us and they’re going to fix us, then even if we meet our soul mate the relationship won’t last because we’re ill-prepared to receive and share unconditionally.  We’re too selfish and too self-centered to be ready to receive love.

If we don’t love ourselves, how can we love anyone else?
Thinking that someone else is going to fix you and you’re going to change them is the same thing that we’ve been doing for centuries and it doesn’t work.  But of course, when the relationship fails, and fail it will, we become disillusioned and make claims that he or she was not the person we thought they were.

In reality, a soul mate relationship is the hardest one we’ll ever have, because it’s that person who knows us so well that they come into our lives to push our buttons so that we finally grow.  If you have the good fortune of having a soul mate relationship in your life right now, congratulations.  However, if you’re still looking for that spark of perfection in someone else, then get ready to start working on yourself,  so that when you do find him or her, you get to experience the deep love, deep understanding, caring and laughter.  And yes, sometimes even hating deeply the one you love!


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jjbug2017: this is so true. soulmate relationships are the hardest because we are pushed to be the best we can be and sometimes we can't handle having someone push us. I asked the man whom I believe to be my soulmate why do you never let me give up, why do you push me so hard, he simply and always replies with because I knew you could do it and because I care so much about you that I can't let you give up. now that's true love.

Motresa: Well said. Thank you

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