My Boyfriend is Back on Dating Websites: How to Handle It

Published Date 7/26/2015
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Confront him for an honest answer.

If you've recently discovered your boyfriend, whom you initially met online, is now back on a dating site, you are not alone. It is a common scenario. The fact that he is still on a dating site may or may not be a problem. Here are some things to consider when you discover he's back on the dating site, and how to handle it.

How Did You Find His Profile?

If you stumbled upon his profile by accident or a friend told you he was on a dating site, it is possible there is a perfectly good explanation. It is possible that he does not realize the profile still exists. Many people stop using the sites but forget to delete their profiles. Your boyfriend could be one of those people.

If you were actively looking to see if he was on a dating site, you would also need to ask yourself why you're doing this. Has he been acting in a way that has caused you to stop trusting him? If so, it is a good idea to phone a psychic to seek clarity on why there is a trust issue in your relationship.

Is Your Relationship Exclusive?

Communication is key to all relationships. Never assume that you are in an exclusive relationship. Unless there has been a specific discussion of the issue, it is possible you are in a different place than he is in the relationship. If he is still finding his way in the relationship with you, he may not be ready to give up his profile.

Ask Him Why He Is On a Dating Site

If you confront him about finding his profile and he does not answer your question honestly, he may not be trustworthy. An explanation such as "I was just looking" is not enough. Why was he looking? Make sure to ask the hard questions, but also be ready to answer some. He may ask you why you were snooping in the first place, and that is a whole other argument to be had.

Make Your Expectations Clear

In some relationships, it is perfectly fine to look but not touch. In open relationships, it is okay to touch. If you think you are in an exclusive relationship and expect him not to have a profile on a dating site, tell him what you expect.

Honest communication regarding both of your feelings and relationship expectations is essential for having a healthy relationship.

Seek Guidance From an Expert on Relationships

Contacting an online psychic is an excellent idea if you would like guidance on the issue. You can ask the psychic to guide you on a path to clarity and expectations in your relationship. It's important that you understand your relationship realistically.

If you find that your current boyfriend has an active profile on a dating site, expecting the worst is a natural reaction. Try to get the facts first before deciding he is unfaithful. Communication at a time like this can reveal a lot about your relationship. 


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