Mercury Lost in the Sun's Glare - How It Affects You by Psychic Narnia

Published Date 7/7/2016
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While Mercury is overtaken by the sun, good communication is key!

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In the early morning hours of July 7th 2016, Mercury is experiencing an event where it moves closer into the Sun’s energy. At this time it will be lost in the Sun’s glare for a period of several weeks where it will be unobservable to us. This is occurring while it is at the farthest point away from Earth during its orbit.

As with any planetary occurrences or transitions, this can have a strong effect in all of our lives but especially with Geminis and Virgos. These people have Mercury as their planetary ruler. Also Leo’s can be affected by this too since the Sun is their planetary ruler.

This is important for everyone to keep in mind however because Mercury is all about communication and affects how you think not only about yourself and your sense of who you are, but also how you effectively think things through. It affects your logic and reasoning skills and also helps your language and verbal skills.

Why does it matter how close Mercury comes to the Sun? 
The Sun affects many aspects of your life. It shines on your wellbeing and your ego. It engages your sense of purpose and will power. The Sun also influences how and when your mind and thoughts understand things on a conscious level. 

What does it mean when Mercury is lost and overtaken by the Sun’s energy? 
When this particular transition happens with it moving behind the Sun so that massive energy is between it and the Earth it can cause problems. All of the things Mercury helps us with, such as good communication and reasoning things through logically can be blocked by the Sun’s energy. This can sometimes make you more rigid or stuck in your opinions. It can also disturb interactions with other people. They might become harder to talk to during this period of time. People in our lives can become stubborn, difficult, or even unavailable.

Small interactions between you and people you care about might be blown easily out of proportion during this time. Things can become harder to discuss with lovers or you might feel yourself becoming reluctant about upcoming events even when you were excited about them before this. Loved ones or even coworkers can be touchier or more snappy under these circumstances.

What can I do to make it better?
Be patient with those around you during this time. But also check yourself to make sure you are not being unduly stubborn or irrational about things you are normally open to discussing. This can be hard when you are affected in this way by celestial occurrences since you might not even realize they are influencing you. 

The good news is, Mercury is a speedy planet. In just a few weeks, it will complete this transition period behind the Sun and be back around so that it can positively influence our communication skills and helps us logic our way through problems in no time.

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