Meeting Your Inner Child by Psychic Trinity

Published Date 5/15/2017
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Have you discovered your inner child?

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As children we are born with the pure love that created us and uplifted us, only knowing great happiness and no sorrow when we were infants. By the early ages of grade school, we were led by authority figures in our schools who told us we need to learn academics and we lost sight of that pure love, our gifts, talents and psychic abilities. In some families, we were encouraged to take art or music classes or play sports, while in some families we were surrounded by darkness and pain. These factors established the foundations of who we are and how we cope with life. 

We all remember as children, building snow forts, making pillow castles, and finger painting… what great joy these simple pleasures gave us. We escaped into the consciousness of our souls. There were no classes to teach us how to perfect our gifts, how to serve the Universe, or heal one another. Today, we can now tap back into the consciousness of our soul, beginning with our inner child. Our inner child, which everyone holds deep within the heart, is just waiting to show you your God given treasures. 

Rediscover Your Inner Child
I am going to lead you on an exercise that can be done anytime of the day. I would like you to find a baby picture of yourself as a small child or infant. I choose one when I was about 6 months old, wearing a blue dress, touching my toes, and smiling as joyful as can be at my grandma holding the camera. Take a moment and really look into the eyes of that child in the picture… feel their presence, see what they’re doing, what they are wearing, who is around them, really tuning your senses into that moment and allow your body, mind, spirit, and soul to feel. 

Next, I would like to you take your left hand, your energy source hand and place it on your heart, closing your eyes, breath in with love and out with gratitude for three counts. While you are breathing, see that little child inside your heart just looking at you. Now, in some cases you might find your inner child is scared and that’s ok. They need you to tell them it’s ok and you are here for them and you will always be there. Other times your inner child is smiling and thanking you for taking time to play with them. This is your inner child. He or she is always with you. Look into the mirror of your heart and tell them that you love them, nurture them, play with them, and they will respond in loving ways to help make your life healthier, happier, and more successful. 

Guidance from the Past
Once you make this connection with your little one, take time to play and even hold conversations with them. These inner children hold your life path purpose and answers to your successes. When you are open to listening to them, they will guide you. Note, once you make this connection and your little child they might begin to “let go” of certain blocks in your thoughts that are now ready to be released in your life. New doors and opportunities will begin to open and you will begin once again to grow and flourish in new ways. Accept all that your inner child offers you and love them, really love them.

I wish you many blessings of love, light, healing, peace, and joy on your new journey with your inner child.

- Trinity 

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