Meeting a Lover from a Past Life by Psychic Carmaleena

Date 7/14/2022
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Past lives help benefit our spiritual growth.

Past lives help benefit our spiritual growth.

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Past lives are real. All of us have had them—possibly hundreds or even thousands of times. So, disregard the notion that you have only had one. The possibility of just having one past life and being here on the earth plane at this time is unlikely. 
We reincarnate to grow spiritually because we have lessons to learn in each life. We come back here time after time to heal, learn, and help humankind excel. Now, we have the advantage of knowing that past lives exist. Up until the past few decades that knowledge was not available to us (at least not at a conscious level). 
Conscious awareness allows people to question what it means when they have an experience with another person that defies words. Or, when they have an experience of feeling as if they’ve been in a particular place before. 
Memories of the Past

I often get calls from people asking if someone in their life has shared a past life with them. The reason they are asking is because they feel a strong pull or a bond with the other person. The strong pull and bond is happening because they “recognize” the other person at an energetic or spiritual level. 
There really aren’t words to describe the feeling because the experience is not based on the logical. The “remembering” is automatically activated when we meet the person in this life. This automatic activation occurs because our cells and energy field hold the memories from our previous lives together. So, we automatically experience the sensation of knowing the person as if they’ve been in our lives for a long time even if we have just met them. And, in reality, they have been in one of our lives before. 
Karmic Energy

When we meet one another in this lifetime it generally means we have to work out some karmic energy or it means we have agreed, via a spiritual contract, to fulfill some destiny that was not fulfilled in a previous lifetime. For example, you couldn’t complete a love contract in the previous life. Or perhaps one of you did a bad thing to the other person and you have both agreed to right the wrong. 
It can be frustrating, though, if the other person involved is in denial about the strong bond. It can make you question your own feelings. This is hard because you have such a strong intuition about the bond being present. Usually denial happens when the person doesn’t believe the bond is genuine. The logical part of human nature gets in the way and clouds the situation. Again, this is frustrating, but the bond is so profound that the fear almost always goes away. 
Past life connections are not limited to relationships.  

They often show up in other areas of our lives as well. For example, you might feel as if you’ve been in a certain place before when you know you haven’t done so in this lifetime. This means there’s a message and an experience waiting for you in that arena. 
Or you may feel like a detrimental pattern you want to clear goes beyond just this life. Having an innate knowing about the pattern being something you’ve carried with you from another life is exciting because it means you are able and willing to end the pattern once and for all. 
Past life experiences are extremely beneficial for our spiritual growth. The knowledge that we have past lives is a chance for us to move forward into a better life experience. Have fun with it. You will be glad you did. 

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