Marriage or Soulmate - Choosing the Right One by Psychic Indigo

Published Date 5/31/2015
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Are they meant to be your soulmate or your spouse?

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This is advice for many of my clients. Some of which I have already talked to in the past, and others I will read in the future. I find that we all have a dream of being happily married and starting a family with the person we cherish most in life. However, in my experience in my own life, and in listening to the experiences of others, it amazes me how much a tiny piece of legal paperwork can affect the wellbeing of a relationship or a person in a negative way. 

Under Pressure! 
We all feel a pressure towards finding the perfect person, and in some families there is pressure projected on to you to do what is considered the right thing when you are in a relationship. For most, intimacy is made out to be a negative behavior unless you are legally married. This could be due to religious beliefs or even beliefs passed down from your ancestors. 

With this pressure there is force, and some relationships are forced into marriage which can be detrimental to the health and wellbeing of the relationship, and both people involved. Most times, being under pressure to get married can lead quickly to fears of being trapped emotionally and physically which is a negative experience for anyone. 

This world is changing, and we are all slowly but surely awakening to a higher consciousness in this generation. One consciousness, where we are all connected to each other through the Universe, and in this new age, we are awakening to the truth 

Relationships Take Work
In this life, you will have soulmate connections to many people (not just one), and it is OK to love. It is OK to experience more than one relationship in your lifetime. Relationships are a big part of the human experience, and it is your connection to people that helps you to learn, live, and grow in your life experience. 

Relationships will come and go, it takes a lot of love, communication, trust, and a spiritual bond to make a relationship work. So rather than feeling the pressure of being legally bound (which can blind you from your love), try enjoying time together by finding hobbies and dates which you will both enjoy. 

Relationships don't have to be made into a huge commitment to each other or pushed into anything that it is not ready for. And if you do want to make a commitment, try a spiritual one first such as handfasting or reading vows of commitment to family and friends. If you can make it work from there, then think about the benefits of being legally bound later when you know the relationship is long lasting. 

Trust Your Heart
If you can take the pressure out of the relationship and keep the fun alive, that's what makes the relationship work. Marriage in my opinion is a spiritual agreement between too souls wanting to connect as One with love. Why complicate it or add in negative emotions by rushing into it? Trust your own heart, and your own intuition to guide you in the right direction.
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