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Date 7/16/2020
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Being bipolar does not mean a relationship cannot work.

Being bipolar does not mean a relationship cannot work.

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Demi Lovato, Jean-Claude van Damme and Catherine Zeta-Jones, along with 5.7 million Americans, live with bipolar disorder. Awareness is reducing stigma. This in turn means more and more people are open their condition. This also creates a new question. Can you have a successful relationship with someone who has bipolar disorder?  It's not a simple Yes or No answer as I will explore below. 

What is Bipolar Disorder?

The first step in dealing with bipolar is knowing what it is. Briefly, it is a mood disorder marked by shifts in mood from depression to mania. Both a behavioral and medical illness, it is treated with medication, therapy and support groups. There is a congenital element to bipolar, and there are environmental factors. Currently, there is no cure. Fortunately, it can be managed. 

Symptoms of bipolar can include overspending, extreme risk taking, self-medication, substance abuse, holding false beliefs, difficulty in concentration, promiscuity, depression, suicidal ideation and racing thoughts. Not all of these symptoms may appear. The chief characteristic are the extremes in mood from exhilaration euphoria hyperactivity to deep depression. There can be stretches of normal moods between the ups and downs. The duration of moods can last from a few hours to weeks, even months. 

Living with Bipolar Disorder

Having this serious illness does not mean those with it cannot function. There are highly functional people with bipolar disorder. In fact, it is an illness frequently seen in academic high achievers, artists, writers, scientists and leaders in business. Those with this illness can be charismatic, charming, intelligent, gifted and enjoyable to be around. On the other side, they can be depressed, sad, and tragically suicidal when in depression.

Fortunately, the downsides of bipolar disorder can be managed. With proper medication, therapy, support and adjustment in lifestyle, those with this illness can lead productive lives. There is no reason why they cannot fall in love, marry have children and be employed. 

The big problem for those who are bipolar is obtaining treatment and remaining in it. An unfortunate symptom of bipolar disorder is not realizing you have it, hence why people live for years without being diagnosed. Some refuse treatment due to fear and fear of being stigmatized. 

The Bipolar Disorder Roller Coaster

Being bipolar does not mean relationships cannot work. But, should you love someone who refuses treatment, you will be facing at best erratic behavior. One the worst side, you are looking at someone who is a risk to his or herself and others. This is a serious affliction. Relationships with someone who can go from great joy to suicidal depression is like leading life on a roller coaster. You may never know when the ride goes up or comes crashing down.

The big question is can love make this better? Loving someone does help, but if there is no diagnoses, treatment and commitment to therapy, the future does look bleak. What is required to manage bipolar disorder is a desire to get better and maintain proper mental health care. Love helps, but love alone is not going to manage, or even lessen the symptoms. No matter how much love there is on both sides, without commitment to care, this will be a problematic relationship at the very best.

While a psychic advisor can offer guidance, they are not a substitute for seeking professional medical help and treatment if you suspect you or someone close to you may be dealing with bipolar disorder.

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