Loving Someone Who Doesn't Feel the Same by Psychic Lalita

Published Date 2/8/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

No good person deserves to feel that way.

Often in life, a lot of us don’t know the deep levels of loneliness until someone crosses our paths, causing us to become addicted. 

To this new person, they just are who they are—nothing more. But you pour your guts and soul out, allowing yourself to be emotionally and mentally drained. You might keep forgiving them for neglect and torment. No matter how much you exhaust yourself trying to make them see the seriousness of your relationship, they just keep running from it (even if they initiated it). This person is always disappearing out of your life, and is never supportive no matter how important the occasion or respect you deserve. 

When this happens, it seems as though this so-called "relationship" exists only in your head. Have they met your family? Do they celebrate special occasions with you? Do they only complain about their own problems? They pull you in for their own selfish purpose because you allow it; they know how willing and desperate you are. 

After some time you, you might break up and start dating someone else but it doesn’t work out. You weaken and go back because it’s a crutch—no matter how bad and unsupportive it is. You’re afraid any new relationship will never work out and pass up many great opportunities for someone who will treat you with respect you and not cause a struggle. 

But you don’t have to allow this hook to keep a hold on you!
It doesn’t have to feel like you’re abandoning and quitting your relationship. You have to believe in and love yourself more than this always! You have to learn from these experiences because essentially we all are responsible for what we accept and how others treat us. 

You can be angry at this person for knowing better and never correcting their errors, but in the end the blame is on yourself for allowing this to continue. 

There is an upside to this experience. It has allowed you to become stronger and just others more easily because your instincts will kick in.


You should have no problem putting your foot down, standing your ground and getting the results that are best for you. Letting go of anyone not worthy of you will never be difficult again. Remember: always be humble and grateful for life's experiences, as these lessons are essential tools that will always be useful. 
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