Loving a Bad Boy by Psychic Stasch

Published Date 3/26/2019
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Are you in love with a bad boy?

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Books, movies and TV series have, and continue to be made, about men who live outside social norms and the law. There are songs galore about men who lead lives of crime, both organized and not. The fascination with these men continues. There is a certain allure, attraction, even excitement about being someone who leads a life outside the mainstream. 

It is very easy to romanticize a lifestyle that is built on a certain kind of courage, strength and street smarts this kind of life demands. The masculinity they represent can be intoxicating. Often these men can be charming, polite, attractive and dangerous to know. 

The very things that make these men so appealing can make them equally problematic. When you become involved with a man whose life is shrouded in secrecy and behavior outside the norms of society, risk is omnipresent. 

Bad Boys, Bad Boys… Whatcha Gonna Do? 
While it might be exciting to date a man who can bring extravagant gifts, there is a price involved. At any moment that wonderful world of beautiful things and places to be can as fragile as an egg shell. One wrong move, one bad deal, and your beloved can be put behind bars for years on end, or much worse.

There are all kinds of bad boys. There are bad boys who lead lucrative lives, and then there are bad boys who are, well just bad. These kinds of men can be excellent talkers. They can charm you to the point where common sense goes out of the proverbial window. You may need to watch your bank account with a man who convinces you that you are the only as you subsidize his life style, and potential “side” women. 

Rationalize the Irrational
Con artists say that given the right circumstances, almost anyone can be taken advantage. When it comes to love, these emotions can make you susceptible to charms of a smooth-talking bad boy. You can become so fixated that you cannot see the problems coming. Lost income and self-respect are the tip offs that something is not what it should be.

Rationalization can turn the impossible into the most likely. Even the self-aware make excuses for the errant behavior of their loves. He came from a broken home, or he is just that way, are just a few reasons given for why. One common excuse is that crime is everywhere, and he is just doing what is necessary. It is just the way the world is. If not him, someone else is going to make that drug deal. These are just a few ways to rationalize the irrational. 

Little Boy Gone Wrong
Another way of dealing with a bad boy is to see him as a little boy gone wrong. All he really needs is love and magically the life of crime vanishes and he becomes the nice man you were hoping for all along. If you love more, he will change. The problem with the “love will change a person” approach is that love is not enough to change a person. For people to change, they need to be self-aware, realize they need to change and then take the steps to do it. Not even love for another is enough to become the agent of change. Way too often men who walk on the opposite side of the law are dealing with serious issues. 

Either products of violent homes, poverty, emotional problems, even mental health issues, the forces that transform little boys into “Bad Boys” is complex. Love alone cannot undone what time, environment and other factors have formed. 

There are those instances where bad boys can become responsible law-abiding men. However, this is a long and often difficult path with ups and considerable downs. It demands hard work, assistance and patience if you want to even attempt to take on what is needed to turn a bad boy into a good man.

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