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Published Date 7/7/2019
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It's not always about meeting your Prince Charming.

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Some individuals are “in love” with the idea of love and enjoy all things romantic. Keep in mind, not every person who is romantic is in love, but prefer the concept of love than the actual person which is why they can easily fall head over heels for the first person who gives them the right type of attention. 

We as individuals are influenced by social scripts when it comes to the concept of love. We are often influenced by the version of love presented in Hollywood movies and childhood fairy tales where the handsome prince rescues the darling princess, or the brave knight saves the damsel in distress. We are taught that love is some type of rescue from our lonely lives and that without the proper whirlwind romance, our lives are doomed, and we’ll just be old spinsters.

Traditional Story Book Romance?
Many of us are victims of this imagery concept of romantic love which often influences how we see our real relationships. If our relationships do not match the traditional story book romance, then we have failed to find love.  

The fact is, not everyone who loves us is a prince or a knight.  Some who love us are hardworking every day good guys who adore us for who we are. They are not looking for a “Perfect 10” or a “Barbie figure” to marry or someone rich to make them happy. Some folks just want someone to laugh with and share decent times. However, the pressures of dating leave many of us feeling inadequate and ill prepared to date. 

When dating keep in mind that everyone views relationships differently and that not everyone has the same needs. 

To help you understand dating patterns here are a few tips:

No two people enjoy the same exact things
Not everyone falls in love the minute they meet
Some individuals are more affectionate and demonstrative than others
There are individuals that are modest by nature and do not display public affection
Some individuals do not like or know how to kiss
Sex is not comfortable for everyone, including men
Not everyone likes to make the first move
Some folks never use the words “I love you” yet do love deeply
Disagreements make some individuals feel insecure and withdraw
Not all fights mean a relationship is ending, disagreements can actually strengthen relationships

Basically, this list of tips could go on forever, because the truth is every individual is unique and their ability to love is based on their own blueprint of relationships. When meeting someone, you need to keep your head on. Meeting a new person is often exciting, anxiety producing and tends to stir a number of emotional reactions. So, relax and enjoy the encounters and let things develop one moment at a time.

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