Love or Obsession: Knowing the Difference by Psychic Monique

Published Date 7/9/2014
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

When it's taking over your life, it might be time to let go.

Love is an emotion not easily controlled.   Sadly, break-ups occur and often leaves someone brokenhearted.  When a relationship ends it’s hurtful and sometimes there isn’t closure.  Yet, a person may hold on to hope, believing the relationship isn’t really over.  

So when does holding on to hope turn into actual obsession?  There’s a fine line between the two.  First, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the faith that the person you love will return to you with open arms.  However, when “holding on” begins to interfere with your thoughts and actions, then it could become a problem.  

It’s not mentally healthy to continuously focus on someone else’s life, especially if they made the choice to end the relationship. Sometimes relationships will reconcile and sometimes they won’t.  Constantly obsessing over if someone will call or text is not a way to live.  If it’s meant to be then things will happen on their own but rarely in your desired time frame.  Letting go of someone doesn’t mean you don’t love them anymore.  It’s giving them the space and respect to let them move on without being in a committed relationship with you.  

So when your love for someone becomes obsessive then it’s time re-evaluate your intentions.   Learn your own self-worth and find your inner confidence again.  Don’t let a break-up define your future.   If someone broke up with you, then maybe they did you a favor.  Everyone deserves to feel loved and needed.  Consider it their loss if they’ve chosen not to remain your significant other.  Keep in mind that when one door closes another one opens.  Don’t let your love for someone turn into obsession.  Hold on to the happy memories and realize that breaking up is not the end of the world.  
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