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Numerology & Astrology Love Match Calculator | Psychic Source

Date 5/6/2024
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Manifest Your Match Love Calculator

More than half of American adults believe in soulmates. Yet just 43% say they're in a relationship with theirs. If you're still searching for your special someone, take our quick quiz. The choices you make in life can help you connect with a lifelong partner or someone who offers a karmic opportunity for growth. Astrology and numerology can help predict the kind of people who will be those matches for you. Your answers to our quiz questions will help us clarify who you’re looking for and how you can manifest your love match.

Your love match is an Earth sign who will push you to grow, according to astrology and numerology.

Air + Earth: People often seek out partners whose inner energy compensates for what they lack. This match balances the stimulation of light and flowing energy with more practical, grounded forces. Your different personalities may suffocate or irritate you at times, but with some hard work you can both enjoy happiness. Considering astrology and numerology, Taurus born on the 4th, 13th, 22th, or 31st of the month may be a fulfilling and sexually compatible match.

Now that you have a little more detail about the match you're manifesting, it's time to get a Love Reading. Psychic Source's experienced psychics can tell you more about your romantic future and predict where you will meet that special soulmate. Get a Reading

Your Personal Love Match Calculator

Finding a love match is a complex process, but there are many factors that can help you determine what type of person is best for you at this point in your life. Our quiz evaluates your zodiac sign, life path number, mode, element, and intentions to help point you in the right direction.

What Does Numerology Say About Compatibility?

Your birth date determines more than your astrological sign. The numbers in your birth date add up to a distinct numerological identifier that determines your individual vibration. Your life path number relates to your core values and traits. Based on this information, some numbers are more compatible than others. As in most areas of a relationship, it's best to find someone with similar values and complementary traits.

You can learn more about numbers and their meaning, including romantic compatibility, in our Numerology Guide. A Numerology Reading offers deeper insight into your life path and relationships.

How Does What You Are Looking for in a Numerology Love Match Relate to Astrology Compatibility?

Your astrological mode is either cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Each zodiac sign is associated with one of these modes, but your personal mode depends upon the mode of:

  • Your sun sign.
  • Your moon sign.
  • Your rising sign.
  • The other planets at the time of your birth.

You may have a predominance of planets in a different mode from your sun sign, which would overpower the mode associated with your basic horoscope. You can dig deeper into your personal astrology and astrological compatibility in our comprehensive Astrology Guide.

Astrological mode is important because it determines how you will pursue the things that you're looking for in your match, as well as the kind of match you're most attracted to. If you're cardinal, you're proactive about pursuing what you want. You may find yourself attracted to mutable personalities who are more flexible and adaptable. If you're fixed, you're unwilling to change your mind or your approach, and so you'll remain steadfast in your pursuits. You may appreciate this trait in others or fear that you'll but heads. As you envision your ideal match, we calculate the options based on the mode that is resonating with you.

How do Astrology Characteristics of Potential Love Matches Resonate with You?

Every zodiac sign has unique traits that they'll bring into their relationships. Understanding your zodiac sign and that of the partner you'd like to manifest will help you better understand how you relate to each other. For example, a stable Libra can help calm some of the wild energy of an Aries, while a Sagittarius will add heat to the fire, creating a wilder experience.

Your sign doesn't necessarily provide a hard and fast determination of whether you'll succeed in a relationship. Rather, it offers some insights that can help you understand and develop your partnership. Getting an astrology reading is the best way to predict zodiac compatibility.

How Does Your Astrology Element Relate to the Kind of Match You Manifest?

Every sign belongs to one of four elements: Water, Fire, Air, or Earth. Your element and that of your partner will determine what you bring to each other's lives. Generally, there are certain combinations of elements which work more harmoniously together than others, for example, Fire and Air tend to be more compatible in the long term than Fire and Water. However, all relationships can add value to our lives, even if they don't last. If you're a fire sign, you may feel drawn to a water sign when your life is engulfed in too much activity and you need to extinguish some of the drama. An earth sign can help an air sign do a deep dive into their thoughts and beliefs at a time when this is important. Be open to the promptings of your heart, because even it leads you to unexpected places, there's likely to be a gift in the experience, however challenging it turns out to be.

Putting the Pieces Together -- a Blueprint for Manifesting Love

Taking numerological and astrological factors into account along with your own preferences and desires, we calculate a profile of a likely love match. This information can help guide your visualization and even assist in recognizing a match when you meet him or her. It can also help you to clarify what you're looking for in a romantic partner and provide some specific traits to include in your manifestation practice.

If you'd like some help manifesting the perfect relationship, or navigating the one you have, a love reading is a small investment with the potential of a large return. A trusted psychic, astrologer or numerology reader can interpret the signs and numbers and guide you to the love you desire.

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ANS1959: I have been focusing on a name of a person I met briefly 43 years ago. Every chance I get I focus on this person and nudges and prompts seem to arrive from the Universe. Some say I have pyschic abilities, that I have real magik...I believe and have faith in the energies of the Universe that this is indeed my year. Afterall I am a five...

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