Love Lost & Found Podcast Series: Will He Come Back? Will She Return?

Date 5/10/2022

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Was that last fight just a bump in the road of romance, or was it really the end? Psychic Kimberle offers you advice and a guided meditation to help you cope.

The age-old question of will he or she be back is one that seems to go back as far as recorded history. I am sure there are etchings found in caves of tally marks from someone being ghosted back in ancient times. I tend to feel it is far worse today with dating apps, social media, and the illusion that being on the internet is not real life.   

Have you noticed yourself making excuses for someone?
Have you said to yourself “I know I haven’t heard from them, but I am going to just text them”?  Have you bent the rules for someone knowing that you shouldn’t? There is a trend of making excuses for someone’s poor behavior or trying to read between the lines to justify the situation.  

If you’ve found yourself in this situation where you are blurring the lines or making excuses for someone’s poor behavior, you may want to try applying work rules to the situation. What are work rules you ask?  Work rules are the rules we all follow in life. If you do not show up for your job you will be fired right?  If you don’t put effort into work, you will be let go or demoted. If you tell your job you are going to do something, but you do not follow through or at a minimum communication you will be jobless. We all know what the work rules are but for some reason when we have emotional relationships, we throw these logical rules out the window.  

There is no good reason to throw these rules out of the window. So why do we do it?  We may do it because the feelings from these emotions are too overwhelming for us. The fear of being alone or rejected can cripple us. These fears can take over our lives, so we subconsciously create a way to avoid that severe pain and we make excuses for someone’s poor behavior. The thing is now that you can recognize this how can you rationalize not applying work rules to the situation?   

Applying work rules to relationships takes care of one aspect of the situation in that it helps you to avoid being a doormat for someone.
It essentially helps you to take back your power. The other aspect is finding peace in yourself. This can be obtained in many ways, but I would suggest meditation as a simple way to start your healing process. No one is happy all the time but if you stop and ask yourself If you are okay in this moment and you do that often it is like playing connect the dots connecting all the times you notice you are okay instead of focusing on the times you are not okay.  

I hope you enjoy the podcast especially the short meditation that is channeled energetically to work as a tool to clear you and help you find a sense of inner peace.

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