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Love Lost & Found Podcast Series: Breaking Through Internal Barriers to Love by Psychic Jae

Date 7/9/2024

Guided Meditation Podcasts

Don’t let hidden internal blocks hold you back from the love you deserve. Psychic Jae is your guide on this empowering meditation to break through barriers to love.

Most of us have some level of resistance to being loved by others and fully loving ourselves. Whether that is a thought, belief, feeling, or behavior, you can work through it and heal it to have a deeply loving relationship with yourself that extends and amplifies when you are with your lover.

The idea of "Breaking Through Internal Barriers To Love" might sound like it is hard and you have to do it in a rough way. You do not. I encourage everyone to have a gentle/compassionate energy as they heal and breaking through. Let that be your next loving act to yourself. We will always find something along our journeys that needs/wants to be healed and the energy in which you heal it will cycle back. If you are wondering why something negative keeps happening to get you to heal, check the energy you heal things with. You might be stuck in a pattern of negative motivation where instead of fixating on the positive incentives to healing, you are judgmental, cruel, and unkind to yourself. How to break that pattern? Right at this moment, choose love, peace, and kindness.

Are you creating or have you contracted barriers to love?  Creating means you invented it. Contracted, means you've bought into what others purport to be true. Whether it is you, others, or both, don't get stuck judging whose fault it is and instead take responsibility for where you are in your life and do this and any other meditation you are spiritually guided to.

The Main Barriers To Love I've Noticed:

  1. Worthiness Issues. (You feel/think you need to earn love or you don't deserve love.) 
    Remedy: You can do healthy practices that support you feeling worthy such as making an agreement with yourself to do something and following through on it. Having a therapist, hypnotherapist, life coach, counselor, healer, or minister to help you heal your worthiness issues.
  2. Enoughness. (You don't feel you're good enough.) 
    Remedy: Utilize the remedy from number 1 and you can use an affirmation such as "I am infinitely enough, this and more."
  3. You don't know how. (You don't know how to love because you never had a healthy example.) 
    Remedy: Read books, blogs, or follow people on social media that showcase healthy relationships. Be around people who practice loving correctly. Visualizing healthy relationships to the best of your ability will also help.
  4. Perfectionism. (You think you have to be perfect before you can be loved.) 
    Remedy: Meditate on self-acceptance and self-forgiveness and firing the inner critic and hiring the inner cheerleader.
  5. The fear of being hurt. (You're afraid of your love not being reciprocated, the person not being worthy of your love or it ending before you're ready) 
    Remedy: Fear is healthy to a degree, it's about managing it and healing irrational fears. Having a psychic reading can help to quiet your fears.
  6. No closure and not letting go of the past. (you're stuck on someone coming back) 
    Remedy: Again, a psychic reading can let you know if someone is coming back, and if not, why. Still, therapy can help you heal the part of you that is unwilling to let go and you might just need to message or call the ex to say your thoughts and feelings to get closure.
  7. Self-deceit. (Distracting yourself with success or something else because you've convinced yourself that you don't need/want to be loved) 
    Remedy: Spend more quality time with yourself by journaling, meditating or another peaceful task and in those moments, you'll be able to speak the truth and move out of deceit.

This mirror meditation gives you enough distance from the issues to be able to see it clearly and dismantle and dissect it. Remember, even in your so-called faults you are perfectly loved by the Divine. You're perfect in the eyes of the Creator. And if you forget this truth, find a moment of silence to breathe and listen for it is in the quietude that we hear the voice of God and It will remind you.

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