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Published Date 1/28/2019
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What Is Your Love Language?

Modern life is busy. There are things like work and kids, aging parents and student debt, and somewhere between it all you have to find time for romantic relationships. Plus, you must have enough energy left over to actually “show up” for your partner. It isn’t easy — but that isn’t all. Sometimes two people still have a hard time connecting. They seem to want something the other isn’t giving, and it can be really confusing when you are already giving so much.

The problem may not be you or the other person. While you can explore these issues with an online psychic or a clairaudient, the solution may be more simple that you realize. Sometimes the issue is that you have different love languages. The idea of love languages was developed by Gary D. Chapman. The concept is simple — we all have different ways of communicating and there are certain types of interactions we value more than others. Together, these tendencies make up your “love language” and impact how you love the people in your life, be it your children, your parents, or your spouse.

The 5 Love Languages

Understanding your love language and that of the people in your life can help you understand how they need to be loved, and how to ask for the type of love that you need. All told, there are five different love languages, or tendencies:

Words: Some people feel most loved when they hear someone say kind words, and this is how they show their love.
Actions: Other people like to show how they feel with actions, and these people feel most loved when the people in their lives do small acts of service, like a household chore or running an errand.
Gifts: There are also people who prefer to express their love in the form of gifts. These could be lavish, expensive items or just small tokens to show that someone is thinking of you, but they matter equally to someone with this love language.
Time: Some people prefer to show how they feel by the simple gift of time. Spending uninterrupted time together is how people with this love language show their love for someone.
Touch: Other people like to touch the people they love. They show their affection by hugs, holding hands, and kisses. It can be hard for people with this love language to feel loved without physical touch.

Using Love Languages

You may already know how you like to be loved, but if not you can take this quiz to help you define your love language or that of someone you care about. When you understand your love language, you can communicate that need to the people in your life, but remember it runs both ways. For fulfilling personal relationships, you also need to figure out the love languages of the people closest to you. The five love languages are a great tool to helping you connect with the people in your life. It provides a framework for understanding what you, and them, need to truly feel love.

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