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Date 4/26/2022
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The Challenge of Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Modern life is busy. There are things like work and kids, aging parents, and financial challenges, and somewhere between it all, you have to find time for romantic relationships. Plus, you must have enough energy left over to actually “show up” for your partner. And if you’ve found your way here, your standards for your romantic relationship are likely pretty high: “enlightened,” “awakened,” or “spiritually connected” may be as much a part of your relationship must-have list as great communication, money, and sex. We’re here to tell you it’s perfectly ok to want it all. And to offer support and strategies on how to have the relationship you desire.

Sometimes we all have a hard time connecting. Your partner seems to want something you’re not giving or vice versa, and it can be really confusing when you are already giving so much. We may come here to seek answers in identifying compatible zodiac signs, using tools like a Mars Venus Compatibility Calculator or a calculator to determine astrology and numerology compatibility, delving into enneagram compatibility, or even trying out a free interactive, online love tarot reading. But sometimes the problem is not one of compatibility, destiny, or fundamental personality differences. Sometimes it comes down to language. The problem may not be you or the other person, as many of our online psychics can readily attest.

What Is Your Love Language?

Sometimes the issue is simply that you have different love languages. The idea of love languages was developed by Gary D. Chapman. The concept is simple — we all have different ways of communicating and there are certain types of interactions we value more than others. Together, these tendencies make up your “love language” and impact how you love the people in your life, be it your children, your parents, or your spouse.

The 5 Love Languages

Understanding your love language and that of the people in your life can help you understand how they need to be loved, and how to ask for the type of love that you need. All told, there are five different love languages or tendencies:

Actions: Other people like to show how they feel with actions, and these people feel most loved when the people in their lives do small acts of service, like a household chore or running an errand.

Gifts: There are also people who prefer to express their love in the form of gifts. These could be lavish, expensive items or just small tokens to show that someone is thinking of you, or that you're thinking of them.

Time: Some people prefer to show how they feel by the simple gift of time. Spending uninterrupted time together is how some people feel most loved.

Touch: Other people like to touch the people they love. They show their affection by hugs, holding hands, and kisses. For some people, physical touch is key to feeling loved.

Using Love Languages

You may already know how you like to be loved but understanding your primary love language can help you better communicate your needs to others. (If you're not in a relationship, asking your date 'What's your love language?" is a helpful way to get to know them better.) If you or they don't know the answer, take this quiz to help define which of the 5 love languages are strongest.

When you understand how you need to experience love, you can communicate it more clearly to the people in your life. It runs both ways. For fulfilling personal relationships, you also need to figure out the love language of the people closest to you. Because they may need to experience love in different ways than you do, recognizing what they need from you removes the guesswork and assumptions.

Take the Love Language Quiz

Use this quiz as a starting point for a conversation about what you each need to feel loved. Know that you can reach out to a love psychic for support if you’re not feeling clear about what your partner needs from you, or how to communicate what you need in a way that your partner can hear. Our Advisors have coached hundreds of callers on ways to improve their ability to communicate their love language and needs, and how to find, maintain, and repair their relationships.

How a Love Psychic Can Help


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