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Soulmate Love is the Challenge of Many Lifetimes by Psychic Anthony

Date 8/18/2022
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Soulmates and Twin Flames - Have you discovered yours yet?

Soulmates and Twin Flames - Have you discovered yours yet?

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Our souls come to be human to face the greater challenges of being a moment focused and limited mortal being lost in an eternal infinity! In the soul’s original home we call the Spirit World, there are no challenges or limitations. What you desire is immediately manifested in self-created dream worlds that we share with our loved ones between lifetimes.

The Definition of Love

When our souls reincarnate on Earth, we come in spirit groups who travel together throughout all ages and times in many different and varied experiences in a multiverse of limitless possibilities. We have eternity so we can live over and over, doing the same life until we get it right. The human perception of reincarnation of a linear path through history is possible too, but we also have many other experiences on many levels of existence throughout all time.

The quantum physicists tell us that in reality all time exists simultaneously: past, present, and future. The linear aspect of time is just a function of our human brain! This oneness is the essential fact of eternity; and love, in all its many degrees, is its expression. Love bonds our souls together with our closest relatives, lovers, and dearest friends over every lifetime. We travel eternity together in close knit groups of souls bound together throughout eternity by the singular power of oneness with others that we define as love.

Twin Flames

Souls love, when it manifests in human life, is a mystical experience of this oneness shared by close soul travelers. It is like the “thunderbolt” that hits the heart in a mystical and powerful soul recognition of another beloved soul, even though you may have only just meant in this life. Soulmates are the common name for this kind of mystical connection that comes from beyond this lifetime. Soulmates can play many changing roles in each lifetime, but the special condition of “Twin Flames” as it is called, is that you and the other soul are always lovers.

Often these kinds of mystical soul connections are easy and the resulting relationship is perfect and flows effortlessly to a deep and wonderful romantic love that lasts a lifetime. Other times it is filled with seemingly insurmountable difficulties, challenges and trials that take many years to unravel. Humans often fall behind in their emotional understanding and evolution and must suffer to be worthy of the connection.

Receiving True Love

We are often fools for love and choose the wrong partner and have to readjust our whole life when this Twin Flame arrives. Once those obstacles have been overcome, things can get deep and intense very quickly, and eventually smooth out and become easier and easier. Then we can learn together to expand our wisdom and ability to give and receive true love that is magical and deep because it is spiritually informed by many past lifetimes, and easily cherished and maintained throughout the decades.


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