Looking for Love in All the Right Places by Psychic Maya

Published Date 2/27/2017
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

When was the last time you said "I love myself"?

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Most of us long for a relationship that brings out the best in us, makes us feel safe and unconditionally loved. One that brings us peace and calm in an otherwise chaotic world. We want someone to build us up when we are down but also someone that will challenge us when we need it.

Several months into the relationship, we might feel like we've found the perfect person for us. They make us feel all the things we've hoped for. Several years into the relationship, we start noticing the ways they are not fulfilling our needs. Then, it seems like an endless list of all they are doing wrong.

We don't recognize all the ways we have stopped doing the things that fill us up. We just know we have lost that loving feeling and THEY better start filling it! 

Love - What It Is Not
Let's say we have left several relationships only to find ourselves in the same situation with a new mate. We leave one toxic relationship and go right into another. We may have even looked for red flags at the beginning and found none. So, here we are again! We find ourselves feeling depleted and desperately needing them to love us and give us extra nurturing. Then, they pull away. We panic and push for more. They become increasingly distant, unkind and even angry.

Now we feel even worse.

See, we have shifted from giving love and receiving love to an energetic taking. It is not our fault. We do need to be filled back up with love in its many forms, but we are looking in the wrong place. It is not our fault. We have become out of balance, and now we feel we need them to give us nurturing so we can compensate for the imbalance within us. They resist because perhaps they are also out of balance and don't have it to give. We only truly give from surplus.  We feel it, and they feel it. So, what do we do about it?

Love - What It Is
Our relationships are a big mirror of what is going on inside of us. They reflect perfectly and in real time.  If we can see what they are reflecting, we can see the imbalance. Are they being unkind? Maybe it's time to be kind to ourselves. It is as easy as talking to a friend. If we need love, we can give love to ourselves. How? We can say, "I love myself."

It is that easy. It may take practice to feel it, but it works. The fastest way to see a change in others is to change how we feel about ourselves. We can be self-sourcing. Then our outside world can reflect our love, respect, honor, and beauty.

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