Looking for Love? 6 Tips for Making a Good First Impression by Psychic Stasch

Published Date 11/29/2016
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On a first date? Put down the Cell Phone!

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Social mores have indeed changed. The only problem with the new freedom is that some of us no longer know what to do anymore. While social structures in the past were more rigid, at least everyone knew what to do, more or less. Now, with a more “free form society”, it is becoming more difficult to separate good manners from poor ones.

The saying is true, you only have one chance to make a first impression. Dating is chaotic; presentation is critical. Talking without a filter or forgetting common courtesy makes a difference. So make sure you are armed with what to do and not to do basics.

Negativity is a major social don’t.
No matter how hard your life has been, or what heath issue you are handling, save it for friends. A litany of complaints, over sharing and being “brutally honest” about your dating past, are epic turn offs. Avoid talking about ex-wives, girlfriends, boyfriends and the cost of a divorce. You sound hopelessly bitter when you go down this memory lane.

Manners still count.
Opening car doors and pulling out chairs are a must for men. For women, “thank you” and “would you mind” are the key. Being bossy is not that attractive. Being gracious goes a long way. These niceties tell everyone you are first rate, not third. If everyone is watching a game, a movie or whatever group activity, make it a point to get into the spirit of things. If your date is a sports fan, saying “football is stupid” will not sit well. Wise women have learned to do research on sports. Better to be in the living room with the guys rather than in the kitchen with women who have already found someone.

When in groups, introductions are a must.
Nothing is worse that being in a crowd and you are left standing alone. If your date fails to introduce you, step up and introduce yourself to everyone. You never know. You may have just introduced yourself to Mr.or Miss Right, or at least someone who knows them.

Put the mobile phone away.
Nothing says, “I am an idiot” like texting your friends about how hot your date is while on the date. Be in the moment not on the web. 

Having a positive self-image is good.
In fact, you never ever want to put yourself down on a date. Never ever dwell on your flaws. Hold your head up high. Being confident and happy in your own skin is a real must. If you hate yourself, so will everyone else. Plus, it makes everyone uncomfortable.

Don’t be a braggart.
However, the opposite extreme is not desirable. A positive self-image is great, bragging about your achievements is not. If you name drop so much you trip on them, or feel the need to make sure everyone knows you bought a Rolls Royce in cash, tone it down. Being Miss Corn Queen may mean a lot to you, but bringing it up 57 times is not interesting. In addition, showing off body parts, arms, legs, implants, none of that speaks well. If you think constantly listing our status is endearing, look no further than Kanye West. 

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