Life Saving Spirits are All Around Us by Psychic Savannah

Date 12/13/2017

Your gut feeling that a spirit is around you is usually right. Don't ignore it.

Your gut feeling that a spirit is around you is usually right. Don't ignore it.

I’ll bet that many of you have felt the presence of a loved one after they’ve left this earth. You may have wondered if what you’d felt or saw was actually real or just your imagination…

You might be surprised to know that spirits are always around us.

One night I was truly grateful that my grandmother’s spirit was riding shotgun with me. I could smell her hair when I opened the car door and immediately felt safe and comforted as I slid onto the seat. 

At that time I was working two different jobs and going to school. On this particular night exhaustion had caught up with me and I fell asleep at the wheel. I heard my grandmother scream in my ear, “WAKE UP!” I immediately woke just in time to see the back end of a truck carrying long, steel construction poles barreling toward me at breakneck speed. As I slammed on the breaks my car skidded to a semi stop and lurched to the side. Back then, I was too young and broke to own a vehicle with tires that actually had a goodly amount of tread on them.

My sweet grandmother saved my life that night and she has done so on numerous occasions. Every one of them were auto related. I love you grandma, always.

So if you’re ever unsure of whether or not the presence or voice you’re sensing is real, remember that spirits are all around us.
Author's Photo by Savannah x7685

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