Is Your Pet Jealous of Your New Baby?

Published Date 11/13/2014
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With the right training, your pet and baby can be best friends

Bringing home a new baby is an exciting time for everyone involved. For your pet, however, it could also be a time of stress and anxiety. Following are four ways that pets might act out in jealousy once your new baby comes home.

Barking at the Baby

If your dog is barking at the baby, he's trying to use bad behavior to get attention. When your dog acts this way, he'll see any attention as a victory. If you're playing with your baby and your dog starts to bark at you, give a firm negative command and walk away from him for a few minutes. Doing so will teach him that barking deprives him of your attention, which is what he truly wants.

If you're rocking or feeding your baby, use your other hand to pet your dog. This way, they're both getting your attention at the same time. While it's hard to know why your dog is barking, consulting a pet psychic could give you insight into how your dog feels about the new addition to the family.

Trying to Sleep in the Baby's Crib

Cats usually adjust more easily to the presence of a new baby than dogs do because cats don't have the same pack structure. You may notice, though, that your cat is trying to sleep in the baby's crib. If you catch your cat jumping in the crib for a nap, give a firm negative command, pick him up, and remove him from the room. While it's unlikely that your cat could scratch your newborn, it's a good idea to start teaching your baby how to pet gently and to leave the cat alone if he's eating or sleeping to avoid any issues.

Stealing the Baby's Toys

To prevent any accidents, your baby and your pet should always have separate toys. If your dog grabs one of your baby's toys, take it away and give him his own toy. You should do the same thing if your baby takes one of the dog's toys. One trick you can use to entice your dog to play with his toys is to rub almond oil on them. He'll like the smell and pay more attention to his toys instead of the baby's toys.

Marking Territory

One way that animals communicate is by using the chemicals produced by their bodies in their waste products. If your cat defecates on the baby's furniture or your dog urinates on the toys, your pets are trying to tell you that they're unhappy about the changes in their lives. Sometimes, something as simple as making sure the litter box is clean or taking your dog for a walk is enough to stop this behavior. A genuine psychic can also help you understand why your pet is acting out.

With patience and the right training, bringing home a new baby can result in a happy experience for everyone, including your pets.


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