Is Your Partner a Romantic? Valentine's Love Styles by Zodiac Sign by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 2/13/2014
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Roses, chocolates, or a nice dinner? Why not all three!

Romance has been written about through song, word or deed for centuries. This mysterious, magical essence is woven into our DNA and is unique to each person like a heartbeat. Astrology can help reveal romantic suggestions to make your Valentine’s heart smile.
Let’s take a look at what the sun signs have to say.
Overall, earth signs are a bit more conservative but no less sensual than other signs. They also really appreciate gestures of the heart.
CAPRICORN: Traditional roses in a box, old fashioned evening of dinner and dancing, or a novel of classic love letters. 
TAURUS: Chocolate croissants with champagne at midnight or a romantic spa weekend for two.
VIRGO: Romantic Italian cooking classes for two or a Jacuzzi night with candles and sensual music.
Air signs live the romance in their heads first, then seduction moves to words allowing dreams to come alive when with their loved one.
AQUARIUS: Expect the unexpected. A gift of a star named after your valentine or a ride on a Ferris Wheel enjoying a box of fine chocolate truffles. 
GEMINI: Loves to play. A funny homemade valentine that you can consume or a fun night of sexy dress-up. 
LIBRA: Romantic dinner cruise on the bay/lake or an elegant valentine with a box of Kama Sutra oils.
Fire signs, known for their colorful passion/high style, adore all the attention that says, “I LOVE YOU!” So definitely go big here. 
ARIES: Attend a black tie masked valentine party or a scavenger hunt for two 
LEO: Rolls Royce driven to a trendy elegant restaurant or a piece of gold jewelry engraved with “I Love You.” 
SAGITTARIUS: A ride on a hot air balloon at sunset or fly to a gambling destination for the night.
Water signs are really the true blue romantics. Bring moments from a classic movie to life. They are deeply touched by even the smallest gestures that show you really care. 
PISCES: Sunset, hot chocolate for two, followed by ice skating under the stars or share a hot fudge sundae while watching the romantic classic “The Love Letter.” 
CANCER: A cuddle basket for two/candles/chocolates and romantic tunes or an overnight at a charming local bed & breakfast. 
SCORPIO: An evening of Latin dance lessons learning the “Tango” or a night at the opera followed by an elegant intimate late supper for two.
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