Is Your Mother-in-Law Putting a Strain on Your Marriage?

Published Date 5/6/2015
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Setting boundaries can keep this relationship a peaceful one

Has a meddling mother-in-law created tension in your marriage? Overcoming stress and nurturing a healthy relationship with your mother-in-law is key to keeping your marriage strong in the long run. Knowing the ways a mother-in-law can put a strain on a marriage, and how you can avoid this, are important for keeping the peace and forming a long-term positive bond.

Problems Can Come From Closeness

We've all heard about, and perhaps experienced firsthand, the troubles that can arise in a marriage when someone is at odds with their mother-in-law. Meddling mothers-in-law can cause tension. Worse, still, is when a mother doesn't accept her son or daughter's partner, causing stress and sadness for both parties. However, problems can also arise from too much closeness.

Men and Women are Different

The connection between a man or woman and their mother-in-law often leads to drastically different results. A man who is close with his mother-in-law sees a decrease in divorce rate. A woman views her husband's closeness with her mother as an interest in her family. At the same time, a man sees himself as the provider of the family, so if his mother-in-law tries to get involved, he isn't threatened.

This isn't necessarily the case for a woman. Sometimes, a woman can form a bond with her husband's parents if she's looking for backup in getting him to change, or agreement on how to raise children. Closeness can present itself as a unified attack on the husband, which bothers him. Even if you mean well by this closeness, it can give a mother-in-law a sense that she is free to meddle, which threatens a woman's sense of identity as a mother and wife. An online psychic can give insight into these troubling aspects of a relationship.

Get to Know Your Mother-in-Law

Getting to know your mother-in-law is important for both men and women looking to relieve strain on their marriage caused by a rocky in-law relationship. For a man, this is important because it shows his wife that he cares for her by caring about her family. And don't only spend time with your mother-in-law during holidays — everyone feels more stress during that time. Look for social occasions when you can get to know your mother-in-law, without any added pressure.

Set Limits, Maintain Distance

For women, make sure your mother-in-law knows you want to have an awesome relationship with her, but don't fear setting boundaries. You don't need to tell her everything. A quick call to a psychic line can show you if you need to fix boundaries and how to do it.

Likewise, both men and women should maintain distance if you have children. Your mother-in-law shouldn't use her wish to see her grandkids as a way to invade your space, and she shouldn't critique your parenting abilities. Make sure she knows what's off-limits, so you can both spend your time and energy forming a positive bond.

Creating a positive relationship with your mother-in-law is essential for maintaining a strong, healthy marriage. Knowing when to nurture closeness and when to set limits will help you form a peaceful relationship with your mother-in-law.


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