Is There a Difference Giving A Psychic Reading for Someone in the LGBT Community? by Psychic Narnia

Date 5/5/2022
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When it comes to giving psychic readings... love is love!

When it comes to giving psychic readings... love is love!

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As an experienced psychic advisor, I still never know who will be on the end of the line when I give a reading. Male or Female, Older or Younger, Gay or Straight, I have no way of knowing until we start the conversation and the details you provide unfold.  But I have often been asked if it is different to give a Psychic Reading for someone in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community than it is from someone who identifies as straight? 

The short answer is it can, be but more often it is not.  People are people right, so why would there be a difference? 

Digging Beneath the Surface
One of the main reasons it can be different when reading for people in the LGBT community has to do with the level of being “out” that the caller is, or that the target of the reading is in their life. Why would that make a difference? Well when I read for someone I dig deep into that person’s energy. When someone must live in secret, for any reason, it can make reading for them difficult or confusing. It can mask the real reason I get conflicting feelings from that person and might make it seem like the person in question is confused about the feelings they have for someone else when in fact it is themselves that is feeling conflicted. That might be because they themselves haven’t realized they are a part of the LGBT community yet, or it might be because they are in hiding from friends, family or their community (or all three.)

But there are many straight people who hide things about themselves as well (losing a job or extramarital affairs come to mind.) This why I say it isn’t always different because people can be in hiding, even from themselves, for many reasons.  Reading a person from the LGBT community can be challenging for that reason, but it isn’t necessarily so.

Never Assume
It can also be a challenge as to how I deliver the information I am receiving. I know sometimes people might not even be aware they are LGBT at any given moment in their journey so when reading for someone I try not to make assumptions or use what is referred to as "gaydar". I also try to be careful about the way I deliver information about love especially. If someone hasn’t identified their sexuality to me, I try to be open to whatever information that comes at me and not assume one way or another that I am looking for a male or female love interest. I just try to look and describe the person as best as I can that I see around the caller and not assume the sex of the subject. 

I also am careful about the way I describe what is coming to people until I know if they are looking for a male or female love interest, because if a person asks who may be coming into their life and the caller is female and I see a female romantic love interest coming, if that person isn’t aware of their sexuality (or is in denial of it), then it could be jarring or scary to hear that someone of the same sex is coming into their lives romantically. I try to just be honest, but not blatant, until I know for sure if that person is okay hearing the information. 

Male and Female Energy
It can also be challenging if the person is transgender or if the person they are interested in is. The reason that can be different is because a person’s energy might feel male or female, but they might have been born a different gender than what they identify with. I might be picking up on the person’s biological self but not their true gender or vice versa. Since I read energy myself, along with the Tarot, that can help sometimes because I can get clarity about what is going on inside the person and not just having to rely on the outer biology to give the reading.

A lot of times I will describe a “male or female” energy coming towards the caller instead of a man or woman. It can be easier that way to have clarity of the situation. But again, if the person that is being described isn’t self-aware of what is going on in their own situation it can cause confusion. I try to help the person be patient and understanding because not everyone is ready to see the truth about themselves and so that can call for a lot of patience in everyone that is important to them while they are becoming aware and even during their transition.

If I sense a person is in the LGBT community but isn’t ready to admit it even to themselves, it isn’t my place to force them to look at that information before they are ready. Everyone comes to understand themselves at a different time and place in their lives and it can be harmful to try to force that person to accept themselves before they are ready.

Love is Love
Even though there are specific challenges to reading for the LGBT community that are different than reading for the straight community, the similarities are much more common than the differences. People want to be happy and want to have love in their lives. That is the same no matter which community you are a part of. Love is challenging no matter your background or how you identify sexually or personally. 

Rule #1 - Judgment Free Guidance
How do I deal with these or any challenges that I face when reading for someone? I have several rules that I live by. First, I NEVER judge my clients. I am here to help, and not judge. The world is hard enough to live in, you don’t need people you are calling for help and guidance to make it harder. That is rule number one for me.

Rule #2 - Honesty Above All
Second, but equally important, I try to be open and honest about whatever information comes to me. Some people think they know what they want to hear and when information comes through that is different from their preconceived ideas, it can be difficult to hear or accept. I try to be compassionate and patient with all my clients and help them deal with the answers I get, even if it isn’t what they want to hear.

These rules are what I stick by in my readings whether I am reading for someone in the LGBT community or if I am reading for someone from the heterosexual community.  But the bottom line is, love is love, and I will always do my best to provide non-judgmental, honest psychic guidance for every single one of my callers!

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