Is He Husband Material? 6 Ways to Know

Published Date 6/11/2015
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A guy who's husband material wants you to be happy

No matter how long you've been together with your boyfriend, you've probably considered whether he'd make a good husband one day. Here are six things to look for, both in your relationship and in your man, that will clue you in about whether he'd make a good spouse.

He Brags About You to Everyone

If your guy is talking you up to anyone who will listen, you know he really cares about you and is proud of you. He wouldn't put himself out there to his friends, his mom, and the barista who sells his morning coffee if he didn't think you were great.

He Loves You as You Are, Even When That's Crazy

Even when you're being completely irrational, a guy who will make a good husband sticks it out. Everyone has their moments of crazy. Your guy recognizes that, and he recognizes that he has his moments, too. If a guy won't stay through all the ups and downs, it's not worth putting yourself on the line. Getting a love tarot reading can help you know if you've found the right man.

Your Fights Are Fair

A man who is husband material doesn't try to hurt you in a fight. Even if you're both in a very volatile mood, a future husband will take a step back and try to exercise reason in the midst of a bad fight. Instead of bringing up your flaws and things he knows will make you feel bad, this guy talks it out until you've made peace. 

He Has His Own Life (and So Do You)

The healthiest couples aren't the ones who stay attached at the hip all the time. Instead, the most successful couples have their own lives and can share their experiences apart when they get back together. When this is the case, your relationship isn't threatened when he wants a sports night with the guys or you're looking for a night out with the girls.

He's Not Irrationally Jealous

Being in a committed relationship doesn't mean each party suddenly forgets that there are other attractive people in the world. A psychic reading online can let you know if your man is taking it too far or if you've put your trust in the right place. Likewise, a guy who is husband material realizes that you're not suddenly unaware that others are attractive. He simply trusts you.

He Loves What You Love

He at least he tries to love what you love. If he takes you skydiving on your birthday because it's on your wish list—even though he's terrified—or goes to your yoga class, he wants to make you happy. If he loves your cat or dog despite his clothes always getting covered in pet fur, he embraces the things that keep you happy. That's a guy who's in it for the long haul.

A guy who is husband material loves you for who you are and appreciates all of your needs and quirks. If your man does these things, he'll make a good husband when you're ready to take that step.


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