Is Friday the 13th a Valentine's Day Jinx? Guard Your Relationship

Published Date 2/13/2015
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Don't let negative energy damage your relationship

Nervous about Valentine's Day falling the day after Friday the 13th? It's OK, you can rest easy.

Chances are, you can't always avoid people who emit bad energy. Be sure to protect your relationship with psychic shielding, or you may end up unhappy in your relationship without knowing how to fix the problem. Read on for four ways that will keep your relationship safe from evil.

Clean Your Home of Negative Energy

The first line of defense you should use to guard your relationship from evil is to clear your home of negative energy. If there is bad energy lurking around, it will affect both you and your partner, and it may damage your relationship. Talk to an online psychic to get help with the cleanse. Then make sure to repeat the ritual every year to keep your home free from bad energy.

Use Crystals and Stones for Protection

Second, you can use certain objects to bring good energy to your relationship. Gemstones can be used to heal ailments and provide protection. You can also use them to guard from evil in your relationship. Each gemstone has a different purpose, so always consult with an astrologer to determine which gemstones will work best for you and your relationship. Then decide on a ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry to wear as a constant reminder of your trust in each other and a constant protection from evil in your relationship.

Make Time to Reconnect with Your Partner

Everyone is busy, and sometimes days can go by without you and your partner having a real conversation. Work, school, kids, and everything else going on in your life can prevent regular connections with your partner. Negative energy can come into your relationship if you don’t take the time to reconnect.

If you can’t make time on a regular basis, consider taking a vacation together as a couple. Get a babysitter, and go someplace romantic where you can focus on keeping your relationship healthy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, either. You can do something as simple as taking a short road trip to a beautiful hiking spot or having a quiet night out with a romantic dinner.

Don’t Associate with Negative People

Lastly, an important way to guard your relationship from evil is to refuse to let negative people into your life. Bad energy has a way of leaking from one person to another, and it can infiltrate your relationship, too. Don’t invite people with bad energy into your home, and ask your partner not to associate with negative people, either. Negative associations can happen online as well, so also be sure that neither of you allow bad energy to seep in through social media.

These are just a few ways to keep your relationship free from evil. Do what works best for you, and be sure to talk to your partner about the negative effects of bad energy. Nothing good can come from negativity. If you need additional help guarding your relationship with evil, make an appointment to talk to a love psychic for advice.


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