Is a Soul Mate Really What You Think It Is? by Psychic Karin Marie

Published Date 2/6/2015
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

What do ocean waves and soul mates have in common? The connection may amaze you!

One of the questions I get most often is, “Is <insert name here> my soul mate?” The easy answer is, “Yes.” The hard answer is, “Yes, but that doesn’t mean as much as you think it does.” I don’t like to be a downer and I love more than anything to give good news but even in the case of soul mates this isn’t always possible.

What is a Real Soul Mate?
Think back to high school science class (I promise this won’t be too painful) when waves were being discussed—water, radio, or sound waves—and how they all have some of the same basic proprieties.  

When two waves have troughs and crests that match up, they strengthen each other, making them greater than the sum of the individual waves. However, when two waves have opposing waves and troughs they cancel each other out. 

Soul mates are the same as the similar waves. Two people who energetically align will enhance each other!
When Can This Matchup Become a Problem?
When either one or the other is living on the negative side of their energy. The waves still match, but the negative will be enhanced in the same way as the positive, making for an extremely difficult relationship. 

The other aspect is that while most imagine that soul mates will spend their lives together, that isn’t always the case. Sometime the lessons that two individuals have to learn and teach are limited, so the relationship becomes limited. 

Are Soul Mates Limited to Romantic Relationships?
No! Sometimes we are soul mates with siblings, parents, best friends, or co-workers. 

While soul mate relationships are not always easy, they do always serve a purpose. They lift us up, bring us to greater heights, and teach us lessons in a ways we might not have learned otherwise.

If you call to talk about a soul mate relationship, it’s my hope that yours is one where I can be just happy for you that you have found “the one”.

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