Insomnia: 4 Underlying Reasons You Can't Get to Sleep

Published Date 7/28/2014
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Don't let insomnia ruin your life.

When you don't get enough sleep, it leaves you feeling drained, confused, angry, frustrated, sick, and just plain exhausted. Sleep deprivation can ruin your life, because it makes you feel like you're going crazy night-by-night. Your productivity decreases, you may overeat, and you simply can't live life the way you want to, so figuring out why you can't sleep is vital for taking care of your overall health.

Too Much Stress

Few things kill sleep faster than stress. Everyone knows what it's like to lie awake nights worrying about a problem, but when stress starts affecting your ability to enjoy REM sleep, there's a bigger problem. Sleep gives your mind time to work around issues more concisely and efficiently than it can when you're awake. When you're too stressed to sleep deeply, then not only are your problems still there in the morning, but you're so tired that they seem even worse.

Fortunately there are several things you can do to alleviate stress. Most of all, you have to treat yourself well. Try taking a warm bath right before bed, or enjoy a glass of warm milk. Meditation and gentle yoga sessions can help as well. You really need to decompress, however, which might mean venting to someone else. Talking to an online psychic about the things that worry you and even your inability to sleep can help you relax too.

Exercising at the Wrong Times

This aspect depends on the individual, but it's definitely something to consider. Some people can exercise in the evening or even right before they go to bed without any problems. However, if you work out in the evening and find that you're too amped up to get to sleep or reach REM sleep, there's a possible connection. Surges of adrenaline right before sleep could keep you from calming down, relaxing, and getting the rest you need.

The Wrong Kind of Diet

The things you eat and drink affect how well you sleep. A diet high in fatty foods, refined carbs, and fast foods won't do you any favors. This is especially true if you eat right before bed. You might end up with tummy troubles and nightmares. Likewise, you should avoid spicy foods and anything with caffeine after a certain point. Depending on when you go to bed, 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm is a great cut-off point. Instead, turn to soothing foods. Think milk, yogurt, and light snacks of fruits and vegetables.

Bad Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene refers to going to bed at the same time each day, staying away from caffeine in the evening, not napping, not drinking before bed, and having a peaceful place to sleep. If you don't have good sleep hygiene, you won't sleep well. Talking to a live psychic can help you find out where you can make improvements, even if it just involves calming yourself before sleep or re-configuring your bedroom to make it more relaxing.

If you don't sleep well then you won't live well, and no one wants to experience that. Follow these tips for a peaceful slumber.


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