I'm Dating a Married Man: What You Need to Know

Date 6/4/2015

Getting involved with a married man can be confusing and unsettling.

Getting involved with a married man can be confusing and unsettling.

If you're already seeing a married man, you may know you're in difficult territory. Maybe you didn't know that he was married when you first met, or he's told you he'll one day leave his wife for you. There are certain things you need to know when you're dating a married man so you don't fall victim to illusions and can take care of the most important thing: you.

Your Life Together Will Always Be Secret

The man you're seeing is very willing to be your lover. He showers you with gifts, and he enthusiastically arranges for secret meet-ups with you. That's the key, though: everything must stay secret. Though you want him to acknowledge openly how much he loves you, it won't happen. He can't take you to meet his friends because he can't risk his family finding out about you.

Your Needs Won't Come First

You may feel like, since you're together, the man you're with should acknowledge and care for your needs. He talks negatively about his wife and marriage, so why wouldn't he prioritize his obligations to you? In this relationship dynamic, his family's needs will always come first. This, of course, includes his children, but it also includes his wife.

Whether or not he really loves his wife (and he very well may still love his wife), he will feel an obligation to their marriage. A chat with a psychic online can show you how he really feels. Regardless of kids, their life together involves a social circle and friends—not to mention the comfort of their marriage—that he won't risk losing.

He Won't Leave His Wife

Since there is so much involved with his marriage, it's very unlikely that, in the end, your man will leave his wife for you. In fact, less than 5 percent of married men in affairs leave their wives. There are plenty of reasons: religious beliefs, financial and legal problems of divorce, comfort with his familiar marriage, kids, and even an ongoing affection for his wife. Though he may paint the picture negatively for you, it's likely that the man you're with still keeps up some feelings for his wife. And it's unlikely that he'll end his marriage as a result.

He May Be a Good Guy, But You're a Diversion

This is probably hard to understand and very painful. No matter how good at heart your man is, your affair is a diversion from whatever troubles he has in other areas of his life. A love tarot reading can let you in on the truth. At the beginning, your affair was romantic, charged, and sexy in its forbidden nature. Your work to plan when you could be together became a thrilling game. But don't mistake his passion for never-ending love. Eventually, your relationship will become another chore for him.

Whatever first brought you together with a married man, and no matter how many beautiful things the relationship brings to your life, it undoubtedly makes your life more complicated. Keep these things in mind so you can protect yourself, however you decide to move forward.


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