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Published Date 9/9/2017
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Discover what makes you a good mom, according to Astrology!

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This weekend in the United States we celebrate Grandparent’s Day. But even before you had the honor and privilege of becoming a grandparent, you had to become a parent first.  It seemed fitting to look at how the influences of your own mother helped shaped you into a maturing adult, who may have your own children (and grandchildren) you want to impart with your wit and wisdom too. 

I decided the best way to approach this is by looking at how the western astrological signs come through parenting styles. As this is only a snapshot, there are additional resources on Astrology that explain each sign’s true characteristics and I urge you to check them out, or give one of us a call at Psychic Source!

I am a Good Mom Because…

Let’s be clear: all moms are good moms for the most part. A mom is excited after giving birth! The mom just knows that “they know they are going to raise a PERFECT (trying not to laugh) child!” So, Mom has certain ideas (whether from how SHE was raised or how SHE already behaves) and she starts to raise her wonderful child with certain parameters already set in place.

Positives: confident, fearless, and very strong. 
Negatives: self-centered, moody, and obsessive. 
The child can get a mixture of an Aries Mom cheerleader to “be strong and you can do anything” and the down side (depending on the child’s Astrology sign) of losing her fiery temper and firing with both barrels if the child is living up to expectations or not working at their full potential. To be sure, Aries Moms are loving but the competitive nature means that their child will be the best that they can be at everything in school, sports, and life.

Positives: stable, feet on the ground, good taste. 
Negatives: indulgent, snobby, stubborn. 
A Taurus Mom will expect the best from her children but only because she instills hard work and stability in the household. However, on the down side they may become very stubborn and sometimes spoiled with material objects, i.e. whatever the latest and greatest toy or gadget, her kids must have them first!

Positives: open-minded, youthful, curious. 
Negatives: zero boundaries, inconsistent parenting, impatient. 
The Gemini Mom wants her children to know they can talk to her about everything (sometimes TMI!) On the down side, she gets angry at them for doing something wrong but then feels bad and doesn’t follow through in discipline. She can become a doormat and don’t think the kids don’t know it!

Positives: nurturing, sensitive, and devoted. 
Negatives: jealous, overprotective, and helicopter parents. 
A Cancer Mom is loving and caring and always “there for their” child. Her downside is sheltering her child from every possible mishap coming their way (you can hear the helicopter blades hovering right above ALL THE TIME)! Yes, they want their children to be raised with happiness and lots of love but living away from the cocoon means that kids should be resilient without Mom taking the brunt of their mishaps on herself.

Positives: confident, strong, and playful. 
Negatives: dramatic, selfish, attention seeking. 
A Leo Mom really gives her children a sense that she is always there for them and with a smile on her face. Her downside is making an entrance or being a bit too “noticed” at school function. She will always make sure her kids and herself look good for the crowd.

Positives: organizer, responsible, and neat. 
Negatives: worrier, self-righteous, and judgmental. 
Virgo Mom wants her kids to have a clean, tidy house with good healthy meals. Her downside is the constant “are you going to get into the right college with your study habits?” diatribe. She tends to make her children neurotic over her school grade comparisons.

Positives: patient, calm, and gentle. 
Negatives: inconsistent, a bit listless, snobby. 
A Libra Mom is sometimes so calm and peaceful she really lets her kids feel like they are doing a great job just “being” themselves. Her downside is NOT to make them work too hard or not really pushing them to do better at their studies. She puts emphasis on fairness or equality but then it falls short because the schooling is not at the forefront.

Positives: intuitive, very resilient, and great strength. 
Negatives: very obsessive, intense, controlling. 
Scorpio Mom just “knows” when her children need help and they are definitely ON their kids to work. Her downside is she’s a bit controlling and in your face… like get your homework done NOW! She can make comparisons of her children’s progress but over the top! “My child is going to Harvard and you gave her an A- in Gym! How dare you?” Ugh! Just stop already!

Positives: funny, adventurous, and witty. 
Negatives: no structure, a little too free-spirited, and a bit all over the page. 
Sagittarius Mom just wants their kids to SEE the world and really get out there and try new things. Her downside is a little too much “open door” policy and “letting them find their way” feelings. This is not all bad but setting limits and sticking with them helps kids know where the line is being drawn.

Positives: planning, structuring, methodical. 
Negatives: overworking, unemotional, and overly cautious. 
The Capricorn Mom expects their children to not only be the best, but they need to always prove it in school, sports, and their work. It can seem a little hardhearted but in the long run the children know that Mom has their best interests at heart and in her own way know her kids have it in them. 

Positives: creative, open-minded, and fun. 
Negatives: overdramatic, emotional detachment, and inconsistent. 
An Aquarius Mom wants their kids to be creative in thought and gesture and just have a great time. The downside is there is always “something going on” and usually they pull everyone into their drama. She can also have high expectations of the children one day and then forget the discussion the next. Lots of ups and downs!

Positives: sweet, romantic, and loving. 
Negatives: manipulative, fault-finder, and overly-protective. 
Pisces Mom just LOVES her children and can be super kind and nurturing. Her downside can guilt her children into decisions and will drive the bus OVER her kids if they don’t play by her rules. Although watch out if you criticize her “PERFECT” children: she will be in your face if you make her kids feel upset (note: SHE just yelled at her kids but SHE is the ONLY one that is allowed this privilege!)

It is with all sincerity when I say that all Moms are fantastic. Thank you for your efforts to raising your child or children with the best of intentions so that they too can be a contribution to a better world. 

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