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How to Use Numerology in the Dating World by Psychic Selene

Date 5/15/2023
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What's in a name when it comes to being compatable?

What's in a name when it comes to being compatable?

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Social media has become the new way of communication for people of every age. Getting to know someone on an intimate level however, has its challenges when it comes to online dating.  All too often, I'll provide readings for people seeking guidance on relationships where they formed a strong intimate connection with another person online, only to find them to be completely different from who they first presented themselves to be.

Numerology can help give you a better understanding of the personality traits of a person you are meeting for the first time, as well as insight on what you can expect from them in the future. It can also help you know if you are compatible. 

Can I Have Your Digits?

You can learn more by looking at the letters in a person’s name and associating each one to a specific number. The numbers found in a person’s name are known as their personality numbers and can be quite revealing!  A person’s personality will present itself little by little.  The first letter of their name should be the first personality trait you'll notice. More is revealed as you get to know them better!

Let's take a quick look the numbers and some examples of personality traits that you can expect to notice about a person with the letters found in their name:
#1 (A, J & S) - Takes the lead when it comes to relationships; Loyal; Need to be in control; Doesn't like complications; Doesn't bend easily.

#2 (B, K & T)
– Whimsical and Elusive; Flexible; Dislikes confrontation; Likes to keep it light; Diplomatic; always re-creating themselves.

#3 (C, L & U)
– Good listener; Puts others before themselves; Honest; Can't keep a secret..

#4 (D, M & V)
– Strong work ethics; Prefers career over romance; Shows love by “Doing Things”.

#5 (E, N & W)
– Changes mind often; A go with the flow personality; In touch with both feminine and masculine self; likes to explore options.

#6 (F, O & X)
– Nurturing; Family oriented; Can be overbearing; Holds in feelings; Prefers staying home rather than a night out on the town.

#7 (G, P & Y)
– Loves intelligent conversations; Can be secretive; Good at keeping secrets; Needs alone time to recharge.

#8 (H, Q & Z)
– Hopeless romantic; Calls it like he/she sees it; Old Soul; Finds it easy to balance work/life/love.

#9 (I & R)
– Has high expectations of self and others; Values physical attraction; Can be picky; Likes the finer things in life; Trust issues.

You can use this list as a reference to gain a better idea of what type of personality a person has based on their name and also compare your personality with theirs to find out if you will be compatible OR you can get a Numerology reading right here on Psychic Source for a more detailed look! They're quick, easy to do, and can be fun while providing loads of insight!




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