How to Tell When a Deceased Loved One Is Contacting You

Date 9/15/2022
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Look for signs within the sadness.

Look for signs within the sadness.

When you lose someone you love, odds are you'd give anything to see or talk to them again. Although you may not reunite physically in this life, that doesn't mean that they can't communicate with you. There are unmistakable signs when a deceased loved one tries to contact you, but you may need some help deciphering the messages.

Persistent Dreams

One of the most common ways loved ones try to contact the living is through dreams. Are you having vivid, persistent dreams of your father, wife, or old friend? It's very easy for spirits to manifest in dreams, and the dearly departed will use this connection to visit you, put you at ease, and let you know that they're reaching out to you.

If you want to make sure your loved one is really reaching out to you, start a dream journal. Write down every detail that you can remember upon waking. Take your journal to a dream interpreter and describe everything else you remember, along with special details about your loved one.

A Series of Coincidences

You keep hearing your mother's favorite song on the radio. All of a sudden, you smell your husband's cologne. Items that remind you of your loved one show up in the most unexpected places. These are not coincidences. These are signs that someone you love wants to contact you.

Animal Instincts

This is a two-parter. For one thing, animals are extremely intuitive. If your dog starts barking at phantoms or your cat acts strangely, pay attention. Maybe it's nothing, but if you spot your dog whining and pacing around your departed child's bedroom or see your cat making a bed out of your wife's old robe, these are certainly signs.

Secondly, your loved one may actually appear as an animal. Smaller animals and insects are more common. If your loved one had a favorite butterfly or bird that appears out of nowhere and tries to get your attention, hold on to that. Your loved one wants you to know everything is okay.

Number Games

Pay attention to the numbers that pop up in your life as well, especially if you see the same ones over and over. Is it relevant to your deceased loved one? Look out for favorite numbers, birth dates, anniversary dates, ages, and repeating sequences, especially if they show up in places you'd never expect.

A Sense of Peace

When you're feeling blue, depressed, or angry, do you suddenly experience a feeling of peace? Does it happen nearly every time? This may well be your loved one making you feel better. If this happens often, a visit to a psychic medium is imperative. Your loved one may have a message for you, and you can interact through the medium.

Inexplicable Electricity

Those who have passed love playing with electricity. Flickering lights, burning out bulbs, and lights or appliances that come on automatically could all occur because your loved one wants to reach you. Don't feel afraid, but you may want to find someone who can help relay the message.

The deceased miss us as much as we miss them. Have you experienced any of these signs?


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