How To Subtract Alcohol From The Dating Game

Published Date 8/6/2013
Category: Love, Relationships & Family

How To Subtract Alcohol From Dating

Being part of the dating scene is hard enough, but it can be made even tougher if you choose to do it without a little alcohol. Kicking back with a chilled drink can immediately take the edge off of any first date, but is it really worth it?

There are some obvious pitfalls that come with drinking on a date. While you might feel more comfortable, you're at risk of revealing more information. When you take this point into consideration, you might want to try going without alcohol on your next outing - but how can you kick the craving?

The New York Post recommended giving yourself confidence by wearing something that makes you feel sexy. This will reduce your urge to go for a martini when you need a little courage later in the night. Marie Claire magazine also encouraged a change in venue when you date. For instance, meet at a cafe rather than a bar, where you won't be tempted.

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