How to Stop Nightmares

Published Date 6/26/2014
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Nightmares leave you exhausted and terrified.

If you sleep, then you've had a nightmare. They really are that common among every human being and many other species on the planet. They occur for many reasons but are generally subconscious manifestations of anxiety, stress, or fear that you may not even realize you're feeling. Recognizing that you are anxious about something and trying to discover the cause can help you find your way to soothing sleep with sweet dreams.

Start a Dream Diary

Remembering dreams is difficult because the conscious mind tends to dump even the most terrifying nightmares upon waking. However, it's good to train yourself to remember the details of your dreams. If your nightmares wake you up or you remember lingering details in the morning, write them down in a notebook kept beside your bed. Take this dream diary to your psychic, describe it online, or share excerpts over the phone, because a thorough nightmare analysis can reveal the cause behind your bad dreams.

Keep a Journal

You should also keep a regular journal. Each night before bed, write out anything that comes to you. Focus especially on detailing the day's stresses, hurts, and triumphs. Writing down the former will help you get a handle on them, while the latter may help ease the anxiety caused by your daily problems. This method can even help you discover a solution you couldn't see before, thereby eradicating the anxiety behind your nightmares.

Get Active

A tired body is a well-rested body. Getting active and exercising will help you relieve stress naturally. You're working your body, which can help you sleep more deeply at night; that in turn can lessen the likelihood of having nightmares. Besides, exercising releases feel-good endorphins; it's hard to feel anxious when your entire body buzzes.

Surround Yourself with Happiness

Surrounding yourself with happiness and positive energy naturally releases stress and banishes negativity. Keep company with positive people who love you. If you have a toxic work environment, a mean-girl friend, or a troublesome family member, do what you can to change the situation, even if that means walking away. You need to feel happy if you want to dream happy. To find where happiness lies for you, think about visiting a tarot card reader. Having a reading can also reveal the source of negativity in your life.

Sleep on an Emptier Stomach

You shouldn't go to sleep starving, but don't eat heavy, fattening, or carb-laden foods before you lie down at night. Anxiety and stress lead to nightmares, but a full, bloated stomach won't help either. You need to drift off weightlessly, so think about trading your favorite bedtime snack of ice cream for soothing herbal tea or some fresh fruit.

Try to Relax

This is easier said than done but it's still essential. Relax as much as you can before bed and throughout your day. Understand that some things are out of your control. If you're doing the best you can at any given task, you're on the right track.

With practice and new habits, you can banish nightmares from your nighttime life, especially if they're stress-induced. What's the scariest nightmare you ever had?



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