How To Stay Flirty In Your Relationship

Published Date 8/20/2013
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How To Stay Flirty In Your Relationship

When was the last time you flirted with your partner? Even if you haven't been together for an extended period of time, it's critical to focus on flirtation as a part of your relationship. It's this type of interaction that can keep your relationship going strong!

One way you can be a flirt is by using your hands, according to SheKnows, a female advice site. This means touching him on the shoulder or leg during conversation - this sensation can have a big impact over time and let him know that you value intimacy.

Another tactic you can use to flirt on a regular basis is to acknowledge him doing everyday activities. For instance, commenting on his physique while he works out can be a big turn-on! Even praising him while he fixes his car can help you both get into a flirtatious mood.

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