How To Start Talking Dirty To Your Significant Other

Published Date 8/22/2013
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How To Start Talking Dirty To Your Significant Other

As a man, you might find it sexy when your woman talks dirty to you. However, doing so yourself might come off the wrong way, especially if you haven't been seeing the person for a long period of time. How can you ease into dirty talk without making her feel uncomfortable?

Modern Man recommended starting the situation with questions. Ask her if she likes your kisses and touches as you become intimate. This can give her an idea of what you're trying to do without coming on too strong. Next, think about giving her instructions along the way. Tell her what you want in a blunt manner - this can turn her on and show her that you appreciate getting down and dirty in the bedroom!

Finally, Men's Fitness magazine encouraged staying away from explicit language - at least until you find out if she's comfortable with it. This might make you seem downright tacky and inexperienced.

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