How to Restore Your Relationship After an Affair

Published Date 2/26/2014
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Trust is hard won but worth working for.

After an affair, it can seem like your relationship will never go back to the way it once was. The trust between you and your loved one needs some serious work, which will require time, patience, dedication, and love on both ends. If your relationship is worth saving, you can do it but you must work for it.

Make Sincere Amends

When you've had an affair, making amends is key. It isn't enough to simply apologize. You can't just say “I'm sorry” and hope that all's forgiven. You have to prove you're sorry, but how you do it is up to you. It also depends on your partner, so think about what will make him or her forgive you.

You might write a letter, compose a song, make a video, or hire a billboard. Whatever you do, make it sincere. In addition, don't choose the easy way, and don't take forgiveness for granted. Most importantly, own up to your mistake and hold yourself accountable. Now is not the time for petty defense, weak justification, or worse, blaming your partner. If you're guilty, share that, and never try to deflect it.

Give Your Partner Time

Yu have to give your partner time. They need time to cope, time to think, and time to forgive you. Your affair was a betrayal, but obviously he or she wants the relationship to continue. Your partner loves you and, recognizing that, you must have patience.

You might feel impatient at some points, or worried that your partner won't forgive you. Think about talking to someone, whether you speak with an online clairvoyant or see a psychic in person. You'll get an unbiased opinion, some coping mechanisms, and insight into your behavior. Once your partner finishes processing, you can continue claiming responsibility by maturely and honestly discussing your motivations.

Cut All Ties

Of course, you have to end the relationship you've had on the side. More than that, you need to cut all ties with the person with whom you cheated. It will likely be hard if this person was a friend or a colleague, but you still have to do it. This will prove your remorse and set your partner's mind at ease.

Seek Outside Help

Talking to a third party will help both of you. Couples counseling is an excellent idea, because it can help reveal the underlying causes and reasons for your infidelity. You also have a safe forum to vent your feelings and mend your relationship.

Couples in this place can also benefit from the advice of love psychics. Your psychic can act as a mediator for both of you, while helping you discover the reasons for your behavior. No doubt, there are issues here that you need to discuss, and this will help you do so in an intuitive way.

Be Honest about Everything

Honesty is essential in any relationship, especially in this situation. A lack of honesty brought you to this place. An abundance of it will take you forward with your relationship intact. Practice an open policy, even if it means sometimes revealing things that make you feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. Talk to each other, share your feelings, and try to help your partner understand why you did what you did.

You can fix this as long as you're willing to put in the work. Are you?


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