How to Recognize the Soulmates in Your Life?

Published Date 2/3/2016
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How to Recognize the Soulmates in Your Life?

Many people think there is one soulmate out there for them - their one true love in a deeply romantic and spiritual sense. But a soul mate is really someone who is put into your life to help you learn your most important lessons. In this video, our psychic Advisors dispel the myths and explain the true meaning of a soulmate connection.

Is My Soul Mate the same as my "True Love?"

Not necessarily, although it is certainly possible. Meeting a soul mate can feel very much like falling in love, in that there is usually an immediate, deep connection that makes you feel like you've known one another forever. But the purpose of a soul mate connection is not necessarily to become a lover, partner or spouse in this lifetime. A soul mate is simply someone who is meant to help you learn your greatest lessons on a soul level. It may be a partner, but it can also be a parent or child, a friend or co-worker. Soulmate relationships are often the most intense, and difficult, relationships in our lives, because relationships with soul mates open opportunities to dig deep and uncover our greatest wounds as well as our most valuable gifts.

Can you have more than one soul mate?

Absolutely. Soul mates come and go in our life, playing out the work of our souls according to the agreements set in another dimension, well before our journey in this lifetime begins. Once we've mastered a particular life lesson, the nature of our relationship with a soul mate may change too. 

In this video, our psychic Advisors answer the question, "what is a soul mate?" by dispelling some of the common myths about soulmate love and shedding light on recognizing soul mate signs.  


Video Transcript

Leslie: Very often when people think of the term soul mate, they think about that one person they were meant to be with romantically, but actually a soul mate can take on other types of meanings.

Leena: Soul mates don’t just come in the form of lovers or partners. They come in the forms of teachers, mentors.

Noah: It can be in a relationship. It can be that with a friend. It can be a child. It can be a parent. It can be a sibling. A soul mate is somebody that is selected for you, that there is a purpose for them to be in your life.

Karenna: It is possible to have many soul mates. In fact, it’s probable that you have many soul mates.

Colin: For me, that soul mate connection is that moment when we cross paths with this person, and there’s that moment of recognition where we feel like “I’ve known this person.”

Bridgette: It’s a very intense feeling and often times you’ll have a déjà vu.

Leena: You’re gonna know it because you’re gonna get along in the first minute you meet. It's that something that’s gonna grow on you. It's, have you ever have that feeling “I just like that person,” even as a friend.

Bridgette: It’s a feeling of completeness, but most importantly it’s a feeling that you’ve been together in past lives.

Noah: A soul mate is predestined. If it’s a past life connection, very well can be. But it’s something that’s predestined and chosen for you.

Leslie: It’s always tied to what is the most profound lesson or situation or type of relationship we’re meant to experience. So while I may have a very strong romantic connection with my romantic partner that may last many, many, many years, my actual soul mate relationship may be with that one extremely difficult person in my life.

Leena: It’s really exploring what unfinished business you have and making it right in this go around, in  realm, in this realm.

Leslie: It’s the relationship I most have to work through in order to learn the biggest thing I’m here to learn.

Leena: So if you’re drawn to someone and you just can’t figure out why, you don’t need to figure out why. You just embrace that feeling and let that relationship grow. 


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