How to Move Forward After a Breakup

Date 5/24/2022
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Post-breakup sadness

Post-breakup sadness

In the days and weeks after a breakup, the emotional pain can feel intense, and thinking positively can seem impossible. While you might not feel ready to put the past behind you immediately, rest assured you can move on and find happiness again. Follow these four helpful steps to move forward after a breakup.

Accept Your Emotions

Even if you don't consider yourself to be an emotional person, you're bound to experience at least a few feelings and reactions after a breakup. This is especially true if you were in a long-term relationship.

Rather than rushing through the recovery process and forcing yourself to feel normal again, accept your emotions and give yourself a chance to work through each stage. Allowing yourself to feel angry, sad, and betrayed might not be fun, but accepting rather than fighting your emotions is part of the healing process.

Talk It Out

No matter how you feel after a breakup, you might be inclined to keep your thoughts to yourself. After all, you'll feel particularly vulnerable when a relationship ends, and you might not want to reveal what feels like your worst self, risking additional rejection. However, it's important to remember that your friends and family love you no matter how you're feeling, and they want to help you be your best.

Talking with those you trust can help you process what you've experienced and find out how you truly feel. If you'd rather connect with an unbiased advisor, phone a psychic to talk it out.

Reframe Your Thoughts

Whether you wanted the relationship to end or the turn of events took you by surprise, you might unconsciously blame yourself for the breakup. Rather than letting yourself fall into a cycle of negative thinking, recognize that you can't control everything in a relationship. After all, a relationship takes two.

Encourage yourself to identify and reframe negative thoughts. Rather than allowing yourself to feel at fault or worrying that you'll never be able to trust a partner again, give yourself the power to shape your own future. Accept that you may have made mistakes, and use what you've learned to be a better partner and build more fulfilling relationships.

Focus on Yourself

The most important part of moving forward after a breakup is finding ways to live your best life. Once you've worked through the most challenging emotions, the best psychics will advise focusing on yourself and putting your best foot forward.

To do this, eliminate your ex from your social media feeds to avoid unnecessary reminders or distractions. Then make a list of all the things you couldn't do or didn't feel comfortable pursuing during your relationship. Whether you want to change your hairstyle drastically, devote yourself to a fulfilling hobby, or change careers and move across the country, devise a plan to make yourself happy.

No matter how long it takes to move forward after your breakup, remember that you deserve to feel happy and fulfilled. It may take a few tries to create your ideal life, but as long as you focus on the future, you can move forward after even the most devastating breakup.


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