How to Maintain Your Long-Distance Relationship

Published Date 12/17/2018
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If you're committed to working at it, you can maintain a long-distance relationship

All relationships require work, but long distance relationships really test your mettle. Even if a love psychic confirms you're soulmates, the relationship may still fail if not properly nurtured during your time apart. Here are a few tips to keep a long-distance relationship going. 

Set Ground Rules

First, be clear on whether this is an exclusive relationship. You don't want the nasty surprise of finding out the other person viewed the situation differently and has been dating other people. Next, set some ground rules to manage expectations. Will you keep in touch daily, even if it's just a good morning or good night message? Will you keep each other updated on your schedules, activities, and movements? This helps avoid any insecurity taking root in the relationship. 

Make the Most of Video Calls

The advent of video calling forever changed long-distance relationships. Hearing your loved one's voice over a telephone call is great, but being able to see them is even better! Text messages sometimes come across wrong and are misinterpreted. A video chat means you can see each other's facial expressions and gestures. If you are in different time zones, work out the time and day of the week that works best for both of you and try to stick to it. 

Avoid Temptation

Trust is crucial in long-distance relationships. If you hear that your significant other is frequenting clubs or partying it up, it's easy to become suspicious. You start to question if they are cheating. You may seek an answer in a love tarot reading. Being apart with no physical connection is hard. Both of you will face temptations, whether it's at work, social settings, or at the gym. Try to limit or avoid places you know you're bound to encounter temptation. Most importantly, keep communication open and honest. Discuss your trust issues and reassure each other of your commitment.

Plan Visits

Whenever possible, try to visit each other. This is the lifeblood of a long-distance relationship. It's what you will look forward to and will keep the flame alive. It's also the best part of a long-distance relationship because the experience is so much more intense. Every hug, kiss, or touch is heightened. Knowing you only have these brief moments makes the time together so much sweeter. 

Have a Long-Term Goal

For a long distance relationship to survive there has to be an end in sight. No matter how committed a couple is in the beginning, being apart for too long will kill the relationship in the end. It's crucial to discuss this, either upfront or soon into the separation. You both need to know where things are headed and when you'll be back together. Knowing you only need to go a year without the other person rather than five years makes a big difference. 

Long-distance relationships are tough, but they're not impossible to hack. With unwavering commitment, rock-solid trust, and a positive mindset, you can successfully overcome the challenges of a long-distance relationship. 


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